Bonfire night bonanza!

Bonfire Night

The weekend of ghosts and ghouls is now over, the stomach ache from eating your body weight in sweets is fading and you are wondering what to do next. Wednesday is the 5th November, the night where the skies become ablaze with light and friends gather around the bonfire for an intimate party.

Bonfire Night Dunster HouseBonfire night is a night for comfort food; warm pumpkin soup (make use of the leftovers from Halloween), chilli, jacket potatoes and all things hot. Our outdoor BBQ stoves are the perfect addition to your home for the perfect parties during the cold evening nights.

Fill the stove with dry timber to get yourself a roaring heat to cook with. Use the internal shelf as a grill in order to cook your foil wrapped jacket potatoes; you can always move them to the smoker to keep them warm if your guests aren’t quite ready to eat yet. Why not use the pot, more like a cauldron, to cook some amazing chilli to go on top of it. Place it on the top of the stove, throw in your ingredients; mince, onions, tomatoes, kidney beans and whatever chilli you need,  and then socialize with your guests while your chilli simmers in the background, filling the air with a gorgeous aroma. Remember not to make it too hot, you want your younger guests to be able to handle it.

Sit around a table, basking in the warmth that is coming off of the BBQ, sitting close enough together that you can all fit round the table, and enjoy your amazing food. You don’t need to worry about a little bit of wind and rain ruining your celebration; our new gazebo range provides a more solid structure for your guests to sit under.  The party will be such a success, you will have to plan another one for Christmas,  just imagine the smell of mulled wine filling the air,  while a nice joint smokes ready to impress all your guests.

If you order your BBQ now, you can take advantage of the free delivery offer we currently have on, hurry though, it’s only while stocks last. Make your garden the place to be this season!

November 2, 2014

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