Case Study – Donna Salt

Case Study Avon Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

As a self-employed beautician, Donna needed an onsite salon to separate her work from her home life. The finished product, complete with nails bars and a treatment bed, is the perfect space for a spot of pampering. In our case study, we asked her why.

Separating work and home life

Donna decided to purchase a cabin, so that she could create the ideal space for her beautician business in her garden. “I wanted an onsite salon to work from, secluded, so as not to interfere with home life.”

“I needed something to look good, have a nice atmosphere and crucially be separate from my house.”        

 We have so many good examples of customers buying our garden buildings to use as a home office or a space for their businesses to expand. This allows them to work from their own gardens, cutting on commuting costs, and to separate work from home life.


Case Study Avon Log Cabin Exterior Dunster HouseChoosing a Dunster House cabin

It was the practicality of our cabins that caught Donna’s eye, as she needed a flexible space which she could use for her business at any time of year. “Dunster House had lots of configurations and the insulation features were perfect for an all-year-round project.”

However, for Donna, it was the professionalism of our team that really stood it. “The team from start to finish was very professional and I would recommend them to anyone interested in a cabin, for whatever project.”



Case Study Avon Log Cabin Interior Dunster HouseThe building process

Despite some very bad snowy weather, assembly of our Avon 3m x 7m took approximately 12 days, with the modification then taking around two weeks. When asked if she would do anything differently Donna replied: “I would probably have Dunster House fit the extension, as I had a third party build the first stage.”

There was, however, no part of the project that Donna didn’t enjoy. “It was exciting from delivery to completion. The delivery stands out due to the amount of wood that was ready to be erected.”

The resulting design achieves what Donna set out to do and more. The functional space provides all of the practicalities any salon could require, whilst clever design features, such as a single wall of statement wallpaper and fairy lights, creates ambiance.


Case Study Avon Log Cabin Interior Dunster HouseA huge success

Creating the salon has been a great move for Donna’s business. “All my customers love it – particularly the feel of the cabin when they walk in, and I haven’t had anyone say that they would have it any different. It’s a huge success.”

“The ambience and look of it”, said Donna of her favourite aspect of the project. “It’s a wonderful building and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved – of course with the help of Dunster House.”

When asked if she would work with Dunster House again, Donna replied: “Without any hesitation, they would be my first and last option.”


October 15, 2014

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