Customer Review: PremiumPlus Severn

Preparing for the weekend should involve seeing family and friends. After a hard week at work, enjoying your downtime should be a top priority.

Many of us enjoying going out at the weekend but it involves a lot of hassle. Getting ready, taxi’s and expensive entry fees put many of us off. Having your own pub at the bottom of your garden is extremely handy, just ask Dean! His stunning garden pub could be mistaken for your local it is that good!

‘’Everyone that has visited so far has been amazed by it to be honest. Most actually prefer it to traditional pubs! I’m presuming that this may be due to it being set out like a traditional pub and offering everything your standard pub offers, without the excess queues and inflated price! The main comments I receive is how well it retains its heat and how strong/sturdy the structure is without any moisture or dampness. Most people actually liken it to an actual house, stating they could sleep in here”

Dean’s social life has never been better with the addition of his Log Cabin, he has even held his first annual pie festival which was a big hit.

The bar looks fantastic and has plenty of space for all his family and friends to enjoy long weekends, late evenings and midweek catch ups together. It looks fantastic.

Going out around this time of year is expensive, busy and not worth all the effort. Bringing the party to you is much more beneficial. Jordan thought the exact same thing when he purchased the PremiumPlus Severn and his new retreat is enjoyed by everyone who is lucky enough to visit.

*PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m starts from just £1,995. To find out more, visit our website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445, alternatively you can direct message us on Facebook to speak an advisor.

November 26, 2017

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