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Log Cabin Transformations Dunster House

One of the favourite parts of my job is the fact I get to see all your customer reviews emails as they are sent in to us. I love all of the images; Climbing Frames, Summerhouses, Greenhouses and Gazebos but my favourite has to be the amazing Log Cabin transformations. We provide our Log Cabins to you, ensuring that they are made from high quality materials that can easily withstand the harshest of elements, but we do not decorate them. You take these empty cabins and transform them into some fantastic spaces, either for personal or professional use, which take my breath away. I am envious of every single one because, frankly, I wouldn’t know where to start

Amazing Transformations

I was set the very hard task of picking what I would consider to be the top 10 Log Cabin transformations. I have accompanied each piece of text with just two pictures from our collection but we have more which is why every name is hyperlinked to the corresponding customer review page – here you will find all the images if you want to know more.

Log Cabin Transformations Beauty Salon Dunster HouseDonna Salt

This is quite possibly my favourite Log Cabin although, as I’ve said, it was a very difficult decision. Donna Salt, a self employed beautician, found herself in a conundrum as her business was taking over her house. As you can imagine the equipment, and space, meant it was everywhere around her so she couldn’t truly switch off at the end of the day. Donna opted to add our PremiumPlus Avon Grande W3.0m x D7.0m to the bottom of her garden and transform it iLog Cabin Transformations Beauty Salon Dunster Housento a fully functional beauty salon. The Log Cabin even includes a separate room for services that require a little privacy or for the client to lie down. The finished cabin, complete with nail bars and a treatment bed, is the ideal space for pampering her clients.

Business has been booming since she added the Log Cabin to her garden and her customers absolutely love the atmosphere she has created. Donnas clever use of colour, mixing the vibrant pink and neutral cream, creates a space that she loves stepping into on a Monday morning.


Dean WatsonLog Cabin Transformations Cabin Bar Interior Dunster House

I couldn’t write a post on Log Cabin transformations without including Dean Watsons bar conversion. As an avid sports lover – mainly Rugby League – Dean was horrified to learn that the area he had moved into didn’t have a local pub for him to enjoy sports within walking distance from the house. Not to be defeated, Dean decided that he would utilise the abundance of garden space available in his new house by adding a Log Cabin and transforming it into a fully functional bar within his £4,000 budget. Of course, it didn’t tLog Cabin Transformations Cabin Bar Interior Dunster Houseake long for him to find the PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m.

Taking just 24 hours to build, Dean has not only installed a corner bar complete with beer on draft and a full stock of spirits but he also added authentic seating and a flat screen TV to watch the sports. All of these additions have helped put his Log Cabin at number 2 because of the authentic feel – you’d easily be forgiven for believing it was a local pub rather than an addition to the garden. Dean has enjoyed being a pub landlord, even hosting his first annual pork pie festival which was a big hit with the neighbours.


Log Cabin Transformations Kitchen Corner Dunster HouseDiane Hayton

I, like many of you, was raised by a working parent meaning afterschool clubs, breakfast clubs and childminders were a big part of growing up. However I never had a space like Diane’s to unwind at the end of the day. Working as a childminder, Diane needed a space that could offer her clients a space that was sheltered, warm, safe and spacious Log Cabin Transformations Playroom Dunster Houseenough to contain everything needed for her business.

Choosing a PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m, Diane’s Log Cabin contains a fully functioning kitchen with cooking and cleaning facilities, a toilet, sleeping area and space to play (both inside and out). As if designed specifically for this reason, the glass used within the windows and doors are made from 4mm toughened glass so can easily withstand the occasional knock from a stray football or toy.


Log Cabin Transformations Home Office Interior Dunster House

Sharon Long

Sharon decided to purchase a Log Cabin as she needed both an escape and extra space to practise her crafting hobby while carers were looking after her son. Through her choice of delicate pastel colours and clever use of storage, Sharon has created a space that allows her to organise all of her materials such as ribbons, buttons and the admin that comes with running a business. The window let in plenty of light to help her work on the delicate aspects of her products and lets her create her best work. Filling her Log Cabin with shLog Cabin Transformations Home Office Interior Dunster Houseelving and tables from IKEA, Sharon is pleased with the finished look of the Log Cabin as it has taken a long time to create.
She proudly shows it off to her crafting friends who are understandably very envious of her. Taking her time with the design materials was certainly worth it as Sharon has the space she wanted and all her crafting friends are envious of the final look.



Log Cabin Transformations Cabin Bar Interior Dunster HouseChristopher Tate

Another bar conversion – you guys love to catch up over a drink with your friends and rightly so. Christopher Tate transformed his PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D3.0m into a bar which he decorated with beer trays, mats and posters along with a dartboard and authentic pub snacks (anyone for nuts or pork scratching?). I love all the little additions that make it truly his – the stunning domed lights and the bar benches and everything else that make it look so fantastic. I would love to spend time in there – may even have to take up drinking. Log Cabin Transformations Cabin Bar Interior Dunster House

With Christmas, New Years, Anniversaries, Birthdays and a variety of celebrations throughout the year, Christopher now has a space that’s ideal for throwing parties with close family and friends! Made from thick timber, and with toughened glass, the bar offers friends, family and guests a warm space to relax and enjoy their evening whatever the weather.


Log Cabin Transformations Living Room Dunster HousePaul Stickley

Running a house while working full time can be stressful. You not only have to do your best at work but then you come home, look after the kids, cook dinner, clean the house and focus on any external projects you are doing. You can have days where you tell yourself you will rest but, if you are like me, the moment you sit on the sofa you think about all the different things that you’ve forgotten to do which is hardly relaxing. Paul Stickley added a PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D4.0m to the end of his garden giving him the space to truly unwind and recharge in his rare down time.

Log Cabin Transformations Cabin Bar with TV Dunster HouseThrough the clever use of colour and decoration Paul has made his Log Cabin look so inviting. As with many of our customers Paul has added a low top log bar to the cabin, accompanied by storage shelves filled with all the drinks needed for entertaining guests (both soft and alcoholic). Along with the sofa and the flat screen TV, Paul’s cabin has been transformed into an absolute nirvana – ideal for lazy days spent with the family.



Log Cabin Transformations Living Room Dunster HouseMike Richies

Mike Richies PremiumPlus Severn W5.0m x D3.0m is a home away from home complete with everything you could need for spending lazy weekends watching movies in your pyjamas. Mike clearly knows how annoying it can be when you have to pause the movie at the crucial point to return to the house for food and drinks which is why he has a mini kitchen in his Log Cabin. This mini kitchen includes a fridge for storing food, toaster for a snack, kettle for tea and a sink to make sure it’s all clean.

Log Cabin Transformations Interior Dunster HouseWhen not in the kitchen Mike, and his family, can sink into the comfortable sofa while gaming or watching movie on his flat screen TV. The large windows and doors let in plenty of natural light during the day and, when the sun goes down, the added lighting creates a cosy atmosphere.




Log Cabin Transformations Kitchen Dunster HouseNicola Hicks

Running your own business can be difficult often requiring you to work long, unsociable hours away from home. In addition to long working hours, you also have to add commuting time which can make your days even longer. Nicola decided that she needed a large space where she could run her cake making business from home. She opted for our PremiumPlus Tarian W5.5m x D3.0m with bi-folding doors and I think you’ll agree the transformation is incredible.

The Tarian Log Cabin has been completely kitted out with the equipment Nicola needs to run a baking business including a double oven, fridge and mixing equipments (Nicola contacted a local electrician to get the necessary electrics fitted). The amount of time she has saved on commuting etc means she has more time available for baking and entertaining potential clients.


Log Cabin Transformations Bar Interior Dunster HouseRachael Merrett

After over a year of working here, there are very few customer reviews/images you can send in that take my breath away. Sure they inspire awe and (a little) jealousy but none really stop me in my tracks – not through lack of trying on your part from the pictures you send in. Keeping the whole family entertained at any one time can be difficult. That is unless you have Rachael Merretts PremiumPlus Severn Grande Log Cabin W5.0m x D10.0m in your garden.

Log Cabin Transformations Bar Interior Dunster House

She opted for a large Log Cabin and filled them with a whole host of games to keep guests of all ages entertained including a fruit machine, football table, ping pong table, TV, bar, couch and a variety of things that make Rachael’s Log Cabin the place to be every night of the week.




Log Cabin Transformations Living Room and Bar Dunster House Gavin Musk

Before working here, the word ‘Log Cabin’ bought images of snow covered mountains, roaring fires and complete relaxation. This was quickly eliminated when I saw the Log Cabins above but Gavin Musk’s have bought all of these memories back. He has designed his Log Cabin into a cosy retreat that could easily be found in a holiday brochure – even including a faux log Log Cabin Transformations Interior Dunster Housepile for the fire. Designed with convenience and relaxation in mind, Gavin has added both a relaxation and dining area along with a toilet so your rare downtime is not interrupted by needing to constantly return to the house. Externally our treatment colours Mendip Mist and China Clay compliment each other perfectly and creates a Log Cabin so stunning it looks like it was made for his garden.


Think you can do better than the 10 Log Cabin transformations cited above but don’t have a Log Cabin in your garden? Visit our website, or call our knowledgeable sales team on 01234 272 445, to get yourself started today.

February 19, 2016

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