The rise of the Woman Cave

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All this talk about the World Cup is driving me mad! I am patriotic and do watch every match that England play. However, I can’t muster the enthusiasm that the office seems to have when they discuss the game in minute detail. Apparently I am not alone in this! It’s about time the rise of the woman cave was a thing!

In the build up to the World Cup, Dunster House offered you ideas for a Mancave, a place where you and your friends could go and watch the match away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, provided you with printable decorations and showed you customer images to inspire you. What we didn’t prepare for was the Woman cave!

The Rise of the Woman Cave

Women are using their Dunster House Log Cabins as a place to escape. We have seen them be transformed into all sorts of things; sewing houses, craft rooms, reading rooms and even a salon!

Customers love to comment on our Facebook page, showing us what they have done already or what they are planning to do. Ellie Dummet has purchased a Carsare Grande and was telling me excitedly that it would be her ‘chill out / sports room with pool table and TV, oh and a fridge for some refreshing beers!’ – Sounds perfect in this summer heat.

Marie Hattersley has just ordered her Log Cabin. She will be using this as a ‘jewellery making workshop to house my blowtorch and other goodies’ – the ultimate in craft luxury.Woman Cave Radley Premium Log Cabin Dunster House
Although we love to see your images of converted workshops, our favourite stories are those where you have turned your Log Cabin or Summerhouse into a haven of relaxation. Our Pinterest board shows various images of your summer houses transformed. The Webster family purchased a Log Cabin for their children.  ‘Once the kids were happy to paddle in puddles but now it’s madness with music & googling on gadgets. Time for their own place’. The log cabin acts as a serene area where the children can read, play on their social networking. They can just relax or they can have their friends round for sleepovers.

Woman Cave Radley Premium Log Cabin Dunster House

Just one example of what you can do with you Radley Premium Log Cabin

There really is no better time to purchase a Log Cabin than the beginning of the summer when you can bathe in the sunshine and truly enjoy your beautiful garden. Elizabeth Goulding is excited to use her Radley Premium Log Cabin, which was delivered on 20th June.





A happy customer said:

My garden is not attached to the house so for 30 odd years, I couldn’t see my garden from my windows, so now I am having my own little house in the garden! I look after my elderly father who has Alzheimer’s who lives next door to me. Dad doesn’t like me to be away from him for more than a couple of minutes, so doesn’t let me garden much. So now he will be able to sit in the summerhouse and watch me garden. I had a small summerhouse but it was really too small. The new one will have a sofa, two chairs, table and chairs, a bureau and a TV (hopefully it will all fit in!)’

If you are thinking of purchasing a Log Cabin to turn into a ‘Woman cave’ but are unsure on what size or style you want. Feel free to talk to our sales team who will be happy to discuss your options with you.

June 27, 2014

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