The ultimate obstacle course

Children playing on climbing frame

For children, the highlight of summer is going to the park. Spending hours climbing, sliding, swinging and hanging from the climbing frame.  They can, and will, run around for hours with an apparent abundance of energy that we cannot begin to fathom where it came from. Honestly, you could become exhausted just thinking about it, and trying to spare those few hours is nearly impossible.

With a Dunster House Climbing Frame or Playsystem, your children can play with their friends all day long in the safety of your back garden. Smile as you hear them giggling with delight whilst getting exercise and building their confidence. With just a few additional extras, you can turn your climbing frame or playsystems into an assault course.

All you need, as the referee, is a method of timing them to ensure a bit of friendly competition. Then sit back and relax while they enjoy hours of fun and exercise. Ensure that the children go on the climbing frame one by one and not all at once, for health and safety purposes.

Ask each of the children you invited to bring with them their hula hoop. When you have collected them all, place them in a long line running up to the climbing frame. The children will have to jump from hoop to hoops before they can progress onto the actual frame itself.

After they have finished the hoop jump, make them enter the climbing frame by climbing our rock wall, ensuring they touch each professional level climbing stones on the way up to the fort. Why not change the climbing wall for a knotted rope attachment, providing more of a challenge for older children.

Now comes the hard part, the children will have to make their way across the monkey bars, ensuring they touch all the grips on the way. If you want to make it a little more difficult, why not make it a rule that if they drop before the end, they have to start again or face a time penalty. Once they have climbed down the other side of the monkey bars, it’s time for them to race to the fort, climbing the stairs, before finishing off by coming down the slide.


Obstacle Course Dunster House Dunster House

With the ringtrapeze and monkeyswing available as additional attachments, you can change the obstacle course depending on the experience level of the children. Simply change the swings over for the trapeze and you can watch as your children perform gymnastic tricks and build their upper body strength. Why not set them a challenge to complete before they can move on.

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