10 daily insights into the Rabbitopia

Rabbitopia Dunster House

Many of our bunny loving friends will know that we have a Rabbitopia Facebook page which is dedicated to all things rabbit. For the past 10 days, we have updated the it with ‘daily insights’ that help break down the Rabbitopia so your understand exactly why this is the only option for a happy, healthy bunny.

Daily Insight 1: Insulated SkyDen Shelter

The SkyDen, at the top of the tower, is a sheltered bolthole where rabbits can feel cosy and safe as they rest and relax. The den walls and ceiling are 50mm (2”) thick, insulated using 25mm Polyurethane, which is the best insulator available and twice as efficient as loft insulation. This insulation helps to retain heat in the winter and potentially keep the den cooler in the summer, and is safely sandwiched between pieces of timber to keep it away from gnawing bunnies. The SkyDen has removable panels to allow you easy access to your rabbits, or to interact with them or clean their living space.

A lot of hutch designs are flawed, as the access hole is cut in the sides, which means heat can easily escape. That’s why the SkyDen is designed with access from underneath, so any heat generated in the sleeping area is better retained, keeping your bunnies cosy and warm.

Rabbits are crepuscular creatures, which mean they are most active at dusk and dawn. This is why they need constant access to both a sheltered area and space to run around and binky, so they can rest or exercise as they please, in a safe and secure place. That’s why Rabbitopia is designed with the SkyDen inside the enclosure, to provide an off the shelf, all in one housing system.


Rabbitopia Dunster House


Rabbitopia Dunster House


Daily Insight 2: SkyBurrow Tower

The SkyBurrow Tower is a unique above ground burrow. The design and height of the tower maximises the space for rabbits to exercise, giving them the perfect opportunity to climb and jump about between the platforms. This is natural behaviour for bunnies, who can jump up steps with ease. Typically, hutches feature ramps, but in reality these aren’t suited to bunny paws, and cause the rabbit to slide. If you’ve ever witnessed a rabbit in one of these ill-conceived hutches you will note they try to jump the ramp in 1 or 2 hops. The SkyBurrow tower of Rabbitopia stops this insanity and lets them perform as designed, to jump.

The shelves of the SkyBurrow not only allow you to easily stand and interact with your rabbits at your level, but also provide your rabbit with a great vantage point, where inquisitive bunnies can look out over the garden in the knowledge that they’re safely away from predators. Rabbits like to be up high because they have good long-range vision but poor short range vision.

The tower is enclosed by timber on three sides, giving protection and shelter from the sun, wind and rain. At the top of the tower is the SkyDen, an insulated sheltered area where rabbits can sleep and rest, a bolt hole to feel safe and warm.


Rabbitopia Dunster HouseRabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 3: Pressure Treated Timber

There’s always a concern treatments could be harmful to rabbits as they chew on the wood, but untreated timber will quickly deteriorate. Rabbitopia is made using a special type of pressure treated timber known as Tanalith ‘E’. This is the same treatment that we use to make our climbing frames – Tested on children, safe for rabbits. The treatment is penetrated into the wood for longevity, coming with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insects. So when you think about it, what may initially seem like a large expense is actually a onetime investment that will last the lifetime of your bunnies.

Bunnies will likely chew everything, and there’s not much you can do to stop them, but the correct timber can make all the difference between accommodation that will last for years and the need for constant fixes or replacements. Rabbitopia is made using heavy duty timbers, that are 4 x as thick as the timber used on other hutches, and slow grown wood that’s harder to shred as the timber is much denser. This means it will last longer against gnawing bunnies.

Also, Rabbitopia has taken years to be brought to market. The concept has been designed and tweaked over a number of years before being launched. This way it’s known to work extremely well for the needs of bunnies and owners.
Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House


Daily Insight 4: Heavy Duty Mesh

Rabbitopia is made using 20mm x 20mm 18g galvanised weld mesh. Weld mesh holds together better than a woven type, preventing sly foxes from easily pulling it apart. The mesh is galvanised after welding to protect against rust. At 20mm, the gaps in the mesh are an ideal size so that predators can’t get in. Also, and bunny paws don’t get stuck or exposed through the holes. Good quality mesh is much more expensive than chicken wire or lower grade netting, but worth it for the protection it gives to ensure the safety of your bunnies.

This mesh is used on the walls and roof of the enclosure to keep out birds of prey, foxes, cats, and other predators.

Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 5: Timber Fox Guarding

Rabbits are prey animals and easily scared by the sight of predators. That’s why we included the necessary feature of fox guarding around the bottom of the Rabbitopia enclosure. The thought of being seen can seriously terrify a rabbit and cause lethal stress. So the lower timber fox guarding helps them feel safe and hidden. The fox guarding means rabbits aren’t exposed, so also prevents foxes or other animals nibbling at a resting bunny lying against the side wall, as well as acting as a bit of a wind break. At 400mm high, the timber fox guarding creates a tall enough barrier to provide rabbits with a sense of security, but is low enough for them to still see over and out into the garden if they stand upright

Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 6: Walk-In Enclosure

Ideally, rabbits need accommodation that provides them with a sheltered bolthole and enough space to run, binky and jump about. It has to be a safe enclosed environment that they can access 24 hours a day. As crepuscular creatures they are most active at dawn and dusk. That means rabbits work on a different body clock to us humans. So we need to be give them the freedom to exercise or rest at a time that suits them. This is exactly what Rabbitopia is doing. By placing the SkyBurrow Tower and Insulated SkyDen Shelter within the enclosure.

The full height enclosure measures approx 1.9m tall so you can easily walk inside. Whether you need access to your bunnies, want to interact with them or are on cleaning duty. The 400mm high step over door frame deters rabbits from escaping when you open the door to enter.

The enclosure features a heavy duty galvanised weld mesh, including the roof. It keeps out predators and birds of prey. Also, the timber has gone through pressure treatment timber. Thus giving protection to your bunnies. Around the bottom of the enclosure is fox guarding, to give rabbits an added sense of security that they’re out of sight and not exposed to scary predators

Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 7: Mesh Roof

It’s important to have some kind of roof or covering over the top of any rabbit housing or run. The Rabbitopia has a mesh roof, made using the same heavy duty 20mm x 20mm 18g galvanised weld mesh. This prevents birds of prey from swooping down into the enclosure. It also keeps out predators that can easily scale the walls and climb inside.

Having a mesh roof rather than a solid one, allows the grass to potentially grow underneath. Thus providing a source of food for rabbits.

Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 8: Optional Mesh Flooring

Rabbitopia comes with the optional extra of adding mesh grid flooring. This will prevent bunnies digging out of the enclosure and predators digging in. You can place the mesh under a layer of turf to protect bunny paws from direct with the mesh. You should attache the mesh flooring to the sides of the enclosure.

Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 9: Corner Seat

Rabbits are social pets, which need stimulation and interaction. But often don’t like to be picked up or held. If you can, it’s best to interact with them at their level, on the ground. This isn’t always easy, which is why we included a corner seat into the design of Rabbitopia. This enables you to sit down and watch your bunnies or interact with them more comfortably at a lower level.

The seat also makes a great platform for inquisitive bunnies to jump up and view the garden.

Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House

Daily Insight 10: Optional Interaction Shed

Rabbitopia comes with the option to add an Interaction Shed. It allows you to spend time with your rabbits in all weather conditions. It includes a large plastic roof that continues over part of the cage to give some weather protection.

Inside the shed is a handy storage bench for mutliple uses. Such as for storing food, treats or other rabbit paraphernalia. Whilst also doubling as a seat for you to sit and interact with your bunnies. Or watch them boinging about in their enclosure.

Rabbitopia Dunster House Rabbitopia Dunster House


August 21, 2015

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