11% of working women want to work from home

Office in the garden as an ideal working environment

An article in the January 22nd edition of the Mail on Sunday entitled ‘Women lining up to start their own businesses’delved into the staggering statistics of women wanting to work from home in relation to men.

 According to a survey conducted by OnePoll, 11% of women working in the UK intend to start their own business this year. The 11% may seem like a relatively small number. However, as 14.9 million women work in the UK, it equates to 1.6 million women. I am not a betting lady but I would put money on the fact that not all of these women have the room in their existing property to start their own business. Therefore may resort to starting the same way as Bethany Koby. Bethany is the  co-founder of Technology Will Save Us. She built technology kits for children in her kitchen in 2012. Just five years later, she has sold to over 80,000 people in 90 countries so needed more space.  The same happened to Nicola Hicks, also known as The Cake Lady. She spectacularly transformed our PremiumPlus Tarian Log Cabin into a fully functional kitchen to create her masterpieces in. Business is booming and, even better, Nicola has a clear distinction between home and work.

Here’s what Nicola said

It’s enabled us to get our family kitchen back and stopped cake paraphernalia from taking over the house! It will also be perfect for cake consultations. It’s incredibly warm and cosy, I’m sat in it now as I type this!”

This is, according to the article, the primary driving force that makes women aspire to become their own boss. They want to give themselves a better home/work balance. This isn’t always possible when working in your own home. This is because, and I speak from experience, you never really switch off. You are constantly thinking about work and, as your desk is just one room away. You tend to find yourself answering emails in the evening when you should be catching up with your family. Having a Garden Office or Log Cabin in your garden, you physically have a space you know is for work only. You’ll be more productive and focused than you would be if you worked from home.

Claim your space back

Another disadvantage of working in your own home is the space it takes up. Alison Donaldson is a crafting addict. This isn’t a bad thing, especially when you make as beautiful things as she does, but the tools and equipment she needed was taking over the whole house. She desperately needed additional space but found that an extension or conservatory was not only going to be costly but disruptive to her house too. She found our Rhine 500 Log Cabin online and knew she had to get it. Now she has a space to work from, store all of her materials, and it has opened up her house.

“Buying the cabin meant I could have a bigger space, my son could then have a bigger bedroom (using what used to be my craft room), which freed up his room to use for guests.”



With more and more women taking the plunge and starting their businesses from home, now is the time to join them.  Look at our Facebook and Twitter pages to see the different ways our Log Cabins and Garden Offices are transformed into different businesses ventures. Including nail salons, beauty rooms and offices.

Work from home with your own garden office

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January 24, 2017

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