2012 – A New Year for your garden

New Year BBQ Stove Dunster House

The beginning of January is the perfect time to consider how you would like to use garden. There are many changes that can be made in order to utilise your outdoor space and to enjoy outdoor living, working, entertaining and cooking all throughout the year. Here at Dunster House we have a wide range of products to meet all these requirements so that you can transform your home and garden to suit many different needs.

Here are just some ideas of how we can help:

New Year Log Cabin Dunster HouseExtending  your living space

A Log Cabin or a Summerhouse is a cost effective alternative to a brick built extension or even moving property altogether for extra living space. A timber built outbuilding will create a variety of options. Such as adding a home cinema or gym, art studio or study room or simply somewhere to relax.

New Year BBQ Stove Dunster HouseCooking outdoors

Garden dining is a great way to socialise with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. With the ‘Murphy Stove’ you can offer your guests a unique cooking experience. With a Pizza Oven, Smoker, Paella Dish, Cooking Pot, Grill and a Hot plate you can explore many different cooking techniques and provide your guests with a variety of meals, all of which they wouldn’t normally be offered from a domestic barbecue.


New Year Log Cabin Dunster House

Working from home

The amount of homeworkers and home based businesses in the UK is constantly increasing on an annual basis. More people take advantage of accessible technology and cut out their daily commuting time and costs. A Garden Office is the perfect solution to being able to work in a professional environment where you are able to keep work and home life separate.

New Year Combo Greenhouse/Shed Dunster House

‘Greenhouse and Shed Combo’

 If you have ever wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables this new range will allow you do so. The adjoined shed allows easy access straight into the Greenhouse and offers somewhere to store all of your gardening equipment and tools. It will add an attractive building to your garden and somewhere to begin a fulfilling and interesting hobby.

January 11, 2012

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