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Garden Office Dunster House

Sometimes, although you want a Garden Office, our Log Cabin and luxury Garden Offices don’t quite match your budget, size limitations or your style preferences. You want a compact, practical space that doesn’t take up much space and offers a modern solution to your work habitat issues.

Our Contemporary Garden Office offers exactly that. The low maintenance Garden Office does not need to be painted, unless you’re customising it (more about this later), and is highly resistant to rot and decay thanks to the resin based wood material we use for the walls. The floors, roof and walls are insulated with Polyurethane, the same material as NASA use on their rockets, creating a Garden Office that remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter – you’ll now no longer need to hug your coffee or tea to warm up, making it slightly easier to pull yourself out of bed on a Monday (…we said slightly).


Coming to you in kit formation, you will be presented with white panels which easily slot together to create the Garden Office – you could make it in as little as a day. You can choose to leave the resin based wood material as it is or, if you want to personalise it a little more, we offer varied coloured paints that you can use to make your Garden Office stand out from the rest. For something even more unique you could choose our Tudor style Garden Office. Delivered alongside the kit formation of the Garden Office, you will receive the decorative timber and black paint to help your Garden Office emulate the authentic Tudor Style.

Early mornings, especially in the chillier seasons, often leave condensation on the outside of the window. If your window is not properly fitted or sealed, this condensation can get into the Garden Office. Leaving it damp and susceptible to damp. We use uPVC windows and doors in our Contemporary Garden Office. That way, giving you an office that’s dry and offers both weather and heat insulation.  You can upgrade the window frames for free to a variety of different colours. Thus, tt’s as customisable as the walls.

Floor Bearers

As with all of our Garden Buildings, your Garden Building will come with floor bearers to sit on. These are pressure treated against rot and insect infestation for up to ten years. It’s something we give our customers a genuine ten year guarantee on. These stop the lower part of the Garden Office from being consistently visible to damp conditions which can cause it to deteriorate over time. The pressure treatment forces the treatment deep into the timber meaning you won’t need to retreat the timber for up to 10 years.

All the materials used on our Garden Office are high quality. Even down to the impressive 9 point locking system within our doors. The three roller cams, hook bolts, dead bolts and latches mean your personal belongings are safe and secure from unwanted visitors.

Inside the garden office

Inside, the Garden Office has a seamless finish. It offers a blank canvas for you to decorate in a way you feel best reflects your business. The large interior wall space is ideal for hanging calendars, white boards and anything else you need. The floor space is spacious enough to fit everything you need. It’s also close enough to have it all close at hand. No long walks across to the printer, or coffee machine, on a Monday morning. Really who has energy?!. You are clearly passionate about your work, whether professional or passion, so why not invest in both it and yourself. Everyone who sees it will love it. Also, the Monday morning blues will be a thing of the past.

If you want a compact, small Office for your work or hobbies, our Contemporary Garden Office will fit the bill. Visit www.dunsterhouse.co.uk or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. As always, feel free to ask any questions below.

September 14, 2015

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