A healthier, happier Easter!

Easter Climbing Frame in the garden with kids

A quick type of the word ‘Easter’ into Google brings up thousands of images of chocolate, sweets and other goodies.  Now I am not suggesting that you should deny your child their treat from the Easter Bunny, as no child would hear of it. However, why not give them a treat that will not only put a smile on your child’s face bigger than any chocolate egg could but will help them remain healthy, happy and entertained well after the sugar rush has worn off.

With a lot of willpower an Easter egg may last for about a week but, if your kids are anything like my niece and nephew, they will barely last ten minutes! Once they’ve finished their eggs (because, let’s be honest, they never get just one) you are then left with overly energetic children with no outlet which can lead to arguments and frustration.  Rather than give them just ten minutes of satisfaction, why not give them a present that they can enjoy all year round?

Our range of Climbing Frames not only keeps your children entertained (more about that later) but they cater for four styles of play: Imaginative, Social, Constructive and Physical. These four styles each have their own benefits for your child’s development and helps keep their brains, and their bodies, healthy.

Easter Climbing Frame in the garden with kidsBe social

You may, or may not, be aware of the stress that comes with hosting a play date with your friends. The amount of energy involved can leave you exhausted quickly; taking them to the local park, keeping an eye on each and every one of them as they merge into the crowd of overly excited kids and making sure each of them is safe while you are thinking of the jobs you aren’t completing on your never ending to-do list. By giving your children one of our Climbing Frames, rather than an Easter egg, you take the stress out of being social.

Whether you choose one of our smaller Climbing Frames like our JuniorFort Monkey W3.8m x D2.9m, a larger one like our MegaFort Mountain MKII W7.1m x D4.9m or one of our fantastic Playhouses, your children and their friends will be begging to come over and play after schools out, during weekends and during half terms. Sounds stressful? No need to panic as our Climbing Frames removes all of the pressure. Your children can play outside, burning all of their excess energy, while you can relax with a cup of tea (or, if you’re like me, work through the to-do list). All you need to do is provide refreshments for the rare occasions they stop playing and come inside.

Easter Climbing Frame in the garden with kids

Be healthy

You can’t switch on a TV or radio without hearing about the obesity epidemic that has apparently gripped the nation.  The government is even introducing a sugar tax on fizzy drinks in an attempt to beat it. You want to make sure that your children remain healthy and active but finding time to fit in the NHS recommended 60 minutes of activity a day is not easy (sometimes impossible) between working hard and scheduling their after school activities. A Climbing Frame in your garden will help your child/children fit this time in, and more, without realising it as they spend their afternoons climbing, jumping, hanging, sliding and running around in your back garden.

In addition to your child/children’s physical health, the Climbing Frame encourages them to use their imaginations as they become pirates sailing the seven seas on our BalconyFort Searcher W4.7m x D3.8m, travelling cross country on our magical Spiel Caravan LWB W1.1m x D2.9m or running their own hotel in our PlayHouse Mansion W5.5m x D4.1m. Many of our Climbing Frames come with monkey bars (which of course they have to swing across without touching the molten lava floor), swings (to see how far they can fly when they jump off[i]), a climbing wall (to scale a mountain) and a wavy slide to escape (I never knew what I was escaping but I’d always see how fast I could get down it).

To give your kids an Easter they’ll never forget with a gift that just keeps giving, visit our website or call us on 01234 272 445. As always, feel free to ask any questions in our comment section below.

[i]We do not recommend this

March 17, 2016

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