Mayor visits our Bedford branch!

Mayor Visit Dunster House

Our Bedford branch, and Head Office, received a special visit yesterday from Dave Hodgson, the Mayor of Bedford.

The Mayor’s visit was to shed some light onto the company. Especially after almost 19 years in operation within the Bedfordshire area. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for us to show off what  we do and our exciting new purchase!

Mayor’s Visit

Mayor Visit Dunster House

From left to right: Chris Murphy, Dave Hodgson, Andrew Murphy

Company founders Chris and Pam Murphy were on hand to give the Mayor a guided tour of the site. Along with their son and Director, Andrew Murphy, and Head of Operations, Mike Hart-King.

The tour took the Mayor through the display garden in Bedford where Chris Murphy talked him through the various ranges displayed, from our log cabins and wooden climbing frames to greenhouses and pressure treated sheds. Chris also took the Mayor around the new prototype of the Lienne MK2 Garden Office which is currently being tested in the Bedford  display garden.

The tour included the Bedford factory which manufactures DIY uPVC windows and doors, as well as the carpentry and prototyping stations which build and test garden building designs for durability and use.

To end the tour, the Mayor of Bedford was shown around the recently acquired second factory on Caxton Road.

The new factory stands on a 3.98 acre plot of land, allowing for the
company to continue to grow.

Mayor Visit Dunster House

The Mayor of Bedford received training to become a member of the Dunster House Sales Team.

Talking of his visit to Dunster House the Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “It’s always interesting to meet local businesses and hear from them what it is like on the frontline. Dunster House has become a real success story in the Borough having seen massive growth in the last 10 years and yet remains a family owned business now employing over 150 people.  It was great to meet everybody involved and see the huge diverse range of products that are produced there. There is clearly a shed for every occasion as well as sheds for occasions you hadn’t even thought of!”



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