A perfect Climbing Frame for little explorers

Climbing Frame Dunster House

Do you remember when you were younger and everyday was an adventure? It didn’t matter where you went or what you were doing, you were able to make it fun just by using your imagination. We want this to continue with your children and encourage them to use their imagination which is why our design team creates new, fun Climbing Frames that not only encourage your children’s imagination but give them a great incentive to get off the sofa and exercise.

One of the latest creations from our design team, who are really just big children, is the TreeFort W3.8m x D4.6m. Most children desire a treehouse when they are young; a place to sit giggling with friends, to read a book and have a place where no adults are allowed without a password (does anyone ever get the password right?!?).  It is often not possible to give your children a Climbing Frame as you may not have the space, money, time or materials to build it. The TreeFort Climbing Frame gives your children the treehouse experience and, if I may be so bold, makes it that much further.

The structure itself includes an artificial tree made of timber for the sheltered ‘house’ to sit. Made from the same solid timber as the rest of the Climbing Frame and creates a high quality imitation for those houses that don’t have a tree in their garden. Positioned 1.2m above the ground, your little explorers will need to climb the attached ladder or, if they are feeling particularly adventurous, they can swing across the monkey bars and into their base.

We try to prepare for everything, which is part of the reason we get our Climbing Frames tested to CE EN71 standards, but unfortunately we can’t control the annoying intermittent rain showers that interrupt your otherwise fun day. Whilst we can’t stop the rain (booo!), we can help you stay dry in your clean house thanks to the protective plastic cover on top of our base. Obviously, if the weather gets to extreme, it’s just a quick go down the wavy slide to come back down to earth.

If your children are able to pull themselves out of the base itself, there are also swings for them to play on. Like the rest of our Climbing Frame, your child’s safety is our top priority. We know kids like to jump off the swings, go as high as they can and often twist the swing round and then let it go sending them into a dizzying spin which is why we use rope instead of metal on our swings so there is no risk of rusting, hair getting caught or it being uncomfortable to hold onto.

As we believe there is no such thing as too much fun, we also offer a variety of optional extras for your Climbing Frame. These vary from decorative extras such as Pirate Flags, Steering wheel, Telescope or accessory pack like the Pirate Pack or Buzz Pack. These are placed on the Climbing Frame, wherever you choose, and encourage your child’s imagination by allowing them to transform their TreeFort into a pirate ship sailing the seven seas or an explorer camping overnight. On top of these (Yes, there’s more!) we offer extras you can swap your swings for such as Ring Trapeze, Monkey Swing, Swing Seat and Knotted Rope which let your children burn of all their pent up energy – they’ve been sat all day at school, sat doing their homework afterwards and are now bored waiting for dinner so need to run it off! If your children are anything like my niece and nephew, they get bored very easily and will often want to switch the accessories – this is not a problem! When you first get the Climbing Frame, you will notice our swings are secured to the beam via clamp style swing hooks. These wrap around the timber rather than drill through the middle of it so your timber doesn’t become weakened over time. When you are ready to swap your accessories, simply unhook the swings and hook in the accessory and you’re good to go. It will take you a minute, if that!

Give your children something to really look forward to when coming home. Not only will they enjoy burning off all their energy but you will get time to uninterrupted time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while they play (not guaranteed). To order the TreeFort Climbing Frame visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445 and, as always, feel free to leave any questions in the comment box below.

September 16, 2015

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