Add a Log Bar to your Garden Building

Log Bar Dunster House

Log Bar Dunster HouseThe decision to add a Garden Building to your garden is a huge one. You’ve worked hard on your garden, your house and work hard in your day to day life and have finally made the decision to treat yourself to a Garden Building. Spaces where you can work from home, practice your crafts and hobbies, relax with your friends and family or simply sit for hours. But it can be overwhelming when deciding how to decorate it. Your Log Cabin should reflect your personality and, like you, each should be unique which is why we offer a wide range of optional extras for you to customise your cabin. We have (re) launched our Log Bars and they look fab.

Made from 28mm timber, both the Low Top and High Top bar have the same chic, clean finish as our Garden Buildings. This makes it ideal for whether you choose to place it inside your Garden Building, house or as a unique addition to your garden. Delivered to you untreated, the Log bar is completely customisable thanks to the variety of treatments available today – it can be as bright, or as neutral, as you want it to be.

Suitable Sizes

Both the High and Low Top Bar are W1.5m wide, D0.83m deep and stands 0.95m off of the ground, although the additional top to the High Top Bar makes the total height of the bar 1.98m (more about this later). The Log Bar itself is wide enough to hold a rotary bottle stand along with the strength to fit two beer pumps to have your favourite drink on draught along with a few bottles of your guests favourite drink – you could invite a few friends round and host cocktail making classes! I attended one last year and it’s safe to say that my skill lies in marketing and definitely not bartending but I can guarantee you a night full of laughter with your friends. What would a bar be without a foot stand?

Either High Top or Low Top, both are a perfect choice

The only difference between the High Top Log Bar and the Low Top Log Bar is the additional timber fixture on top of the Log Bar. Made from the same Spruce as the bar itself, the addition of the high top gives you the ability to hang decoration, lights, bunting and anything else you choose to. As we are just entering the party season with Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Years and a whole host of occasions where bars/clubs can raise the price of both entry and drinks. Rather than getting all dressed up and paying these prices, you can have your friends round for a night of laughter, nibbles and drinks and you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to.

Log Bar Dunster House

I cannot wait to see the various ways you decide to use and decorate it! To order either the High or Low Top Bar today, visit our website or call our friendly sales team on 01234 272 445!

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September 22, 2015

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