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Fence from Dunster House

You may have a fence that is broken and needs replacing, or you may have just moved in and be looking to buy a new one, but I firmly believe that all properties should have a fence. There are numerous benefits for it, both in your garden and your home.

Fence from Dunster House

Safety Fence

We know that the safety of your kids, your pets and your home is paramount to you. A fence, especially one as high as our W1.83m x H1.98m Andes Full Fence Panel, acts as a deterrent for burglars’. The Lincolnshire Police posted a checklist on their website regarding fence and gate security for rear garden fencing.  We are very proud that we met the criteria:

  • Install 1.8M high fencing to rear gardens. Planning permission is not normally required but it is always better to check before you go ahead. ü
    We have many different varying heights of fence panel to appeal to all gardens, including our unique 1.98m high fence panel. A lot of fences on the market have a maximum height of 1.80m (5’11) which means nosy neighbours can still peer over your fence if tall enough. The UK law concerning fences requires you to have a fence that is no more than 2m in height, which is why we offer the unique 1.98m (6’6”) fence panel which is just under the legal limit, ensuring your privacy.
  • Install as close to the ground as possible to prevent an intruder crawling under it. On uneven surfaces, use shorter fencing panels to achieve this.

  • Our gravel boards form a protective barrier between the ground and fence panel. As the boards are the closest to the ground, they prevent the fence panel from coming into direct contact with stagnant water. They come in two different sizes, either 145mm or 90mm wide and 1830m in length with the thickness of each board being 20mm. It is also pressure treated, ensuring that it is free from rot and fungal decay for up to 10 years.
  • Secure fencing panels to the fence posts. You can use a variety of brackets for this purpose.

  • We use L brackets to secure the fence panels to the fence posts. Each L bracket has a built in screw which can be screwed into the substantial fence post. They also include two additional holes for additional screws. For optimum security, we recommend you purchase our 35mm screws and use these to firmly attach the brackets to the panels.
  • Keep your fence or wall in good repair.  Old and rotten fences or crumbling walls are not only weak but advertise that the rest of your home may not be secure as well.

  • All the timber we use in our fencing system is pressure treated, rather than dip treated like our competitors. We use a non-toxic treatment that forces the preservative deep into the pre-cut timber using a large pressure treatment vat. The fence posts are treated to Class 4 which is suitable for in-ground use and the panels are treated to class 3 which is suitable for above ground use. So each piece is not only pressure treated, but is pressure treated to the correct level for its function. We add a brown colourant to the treatment to ensure our fence panels have a far more attractive finish than the unsightly green that pressure treatment commonly leaves. This is an added cost for us but we think the finished look is worth it.


Fence from Dunster House

We all like to talk to our neighbours and get to know them from time to time but not always. Life can become stressful and chaotic from time to time. So it’s nice to be able to step outside and take a breath. As we’ve stated above, our fences are so high that they allow you to have peace and quiet while you make the most of your downtime or entertain your family and friends.

Property boundaries

The addition of a fence to your garden can help create a boundary and separate your property from your neighbours. This isn’t just so you can be anti social when you choose to be. It also helps establish exactly where your property boundaries lie. Some of the fences in our range have double sides so appear identical in appearance on either side. This means that your neighbours won’t have reason to grumble – there fence will be as stunning as yours!

To look at our varied range of fences, and see which of them you want to add to your garden, visit the fence page on our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. All you need to know is what size garden you have.

September 21, 2016

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