An adventure playground with the MegaFort Mountain

Megafort Mountain Climbing Frame Dunster House

The summer holidays are just around the corner which, if your children are as energetic as my niece and nephew, can be a disaster. The summer holidays are long, sometimes up to 2 months, and there is only so much you can do to keep them entertained. Sometimes you simply have to leave them to it whilst you get on with the basic day to day running of the house. Neil Robson decided that he wasn’t going to let his kids sit in front of the TV, tablet, laptop, phone or any other technology but was rather going to keep them active this summer by purchasing a MegaFort Mountain Climbing Frame. You can’t see in the pictures but the MegaFort Mountain also has monkeybars along with a wavy slide, rockwall, swings, bridge and sheltered areas for them to rest as they move around.


Great Service from Dunster House from start to finish, however, once delivered the hard bit started!! To be fair it took two blokes 7 hours to build which included a few replacing of posts as we hadn’t read the instructions correctly, as well as a few beer breaks. Two of us managed fine and were happy with the results. Have a good socket set and cordless drill with Teas and Coffee on tap. My kids absolutely love and we struggle to get them off it. It’s a great size and appears extremely durable.

Megafort Mountain Climbing Frame Dunster House Megafort Mountain Climbing Frame Dunster House







Arriving in kit formation, the Climbing Frames are easy to construct and will keep your children entertained for years to come. They have been tested to EN71 safety standards to keep your children safe whilst playing.

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July 4, 2015

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