AIDEX 2013


The Dunster House stand at AidEX 2013

This week we attended the AidEx event for international humanitarian and development aid in Brussels.

That’s right, there’s more to Dunster House than our garden buildings and climbing frames!

As part of the event that includes a conference, practical workshops and exhibitions. We stood proud on stand D26 of the exhibition with a small number of our humanitarian products.

With us we showcased the new DEVCO Eco Composting Toilet. The newest product may be a solution for people living without access to adequate improved sanitation facilities or sewer connection. The DEVCO Eco Composting Toilet provides a hygienic sheltered and private area but also provides the ability to recycle waste for agriculture

Joining the DEVCO Eco Composting Toilet on stand D26 were the Hope Stove, Murphy Stove and the  new Rocket Stove. Each stove has a multitude of optional extras available for them. Originally meant for camping and disaster areas where large quantities of food needs to be booked at one time, these stoves are also available for home use as BBQ’s.

A little known fact about Dunster House is the ongoing development of products to aid developing communities. In addition to communities in need. This includes the newly launched DEVCO Toilet, our range of stoves and their optional extras, as well as a number of solar lighting and heating accessories for the home and a variety of sanitation options which can be seen here.

November 15, 2013

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