Atlas Gazebo: Put your garden on the map!

Gazebo Atlas Dunster House
Gazebo Atlas Dunster House

Just one of the many options we offer

Our new Atlas gazebo offers you an elegant replacement to polyester gazebos that you find within the market today. We pressure treat the timber used for the roof framework. So, we can offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. You won’t have to spend your rare downtime conducting essential maintenance jobs.

This gives you more time to socialise with your friends and family. Instead of having to disassemble it and annually apply treatment.


Heavy Duty Framework

Banish the days of sitting in a Gazebo, holding onto the frame to prevent it from blowing away. Especially during particularly windy days. Ourshas a heavy duty framework which creates a sturdier building, for extra reassurances we provide 70mm x 70mm x 70mm Angle brackets for you to secure the gazebo to the ground.

These allow you to secure the gazebo to both concrete and grass meaning you have complete freedom in where you place it.

Due to its panelised design, the Atlas Gazebo layout is customisable. Gone are the day of simply 4 posts and flimsy material that lets the rain, wind and snow in. With our new product, you can create what you want! Maybe you will choose to add side panels to all or chosen sides creating a suntrap in your garden or you can have a Gazebo with a view by opting to have our 4mm toughened glass panels added to the top of the timber panels. If you want a more traditional Gazebo, we do offer it as a fully open building, creating the perfect cover for your garden furniture, hot tubs and BBQs.

Gazebo Atlas Dunster House

Just one of the many options we offer

Delivered in kit form, we have made this easy for you to build. The pre-assembled panel system makes it easy to put together whilst the 19mm tongue and groove timber makes the roof simpler to construct. Why not finish it off with one of our attractive optional extras.

Choose from high grade Bitumen shingles which are available in 3 colours; red, green or black. If you would prefer, we do also offer the low cost option of roof felt. It’s all down to your personal preference and budget; they will both provide stunning finishes to your Gazebo!

We provide everything you need to put your Gazebo together, something not many companies do, so all you need to do is take the delivery and then choose the spot in which to build your Gazebo.

December 9, 2014

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