Avoid the ice by working from home in one of our Garden Offices!

Garden Office Dunster House

Garden Offices Dunster HouseWhen the cold weather hits, drivers start to panic. Not only do they have to leave for work even earlier so they have time to deice their car, walking carefully to avoid having a nasty fall, but they also have to drive in perilous conditions. Where unseen black ice can cause your car to lose control.

In the UK, a country notorious for having year long bad weather, this is a constant worry. If it is not snow you are battling with its fog, rain, thunder or hail storms. All of which are horrible to drive in. This can lead to you arriving at work flustered and not performing at your best. With our range of Garden Offices, you won’t need to worry; the commute is just a few minutes.

Garden Offices

Our Garden Offices, all of which are less than 2.5m so you won’t have the annoying task of asking for planning permission, offer you a stylish and modern office within arm’s reach of your home. All offices, with the exception of our Contemporary Garden Office, are fully pressure treated (The Contemporary range doesn’t need pressure treating, more about that below).

By pressure treating the timber on your Garden Office, we protect it from rot and insect infestation; we can offer you a 10 year guarantee on all pressure treated parts. We add a brown additive during the pressure treatment stage to ensure that your office has an elegant brown finish rather than the green colour that is the traditional finish. Although this costs more, we think it gives a more natural colour to our customers.

Garden Offices Dunster House

To keep out the cold and lower energy costs; the walls, floors and roof of our Garden Offices are insulated with Polyurethane. This foam based insulater is used by NASA to insulate the external fuel tank of their space shuttles as it is the most durable insulator which is capable of keeping a fuel tank at -423 degrees Fahrenheit[i].

This insulator has been proven to retain heat better than alternatives such as polystyrene or rockwool. To help further insulate the Garden Office, we use domestic style uPVC windows and doors, which come with domestic grade multipoint locks, to help make your Garden Office secure whilst the 28mm sealed double glazing provides further improved heat and sound insulation.

DIY your garden office

Our Garden Offices come in a DIY kit formation with panels which simply slot together, a technique that is unique to Dunster House, to ensure that your completed building is rigid and stronger than many alternatives that are available on the market today.

The interior walls and Garden Offices Dunster Houseceiling of the garden offices are covered in plasterboard. This is uninterrupted so you can be sure you will get a sleek and professional look. A finish that is only enhanced by the coving and skirting boards which cover the natural joins in construction.

A lick of paint is all it takes for the office to be good to go.  We offer installation with our Garden Offices if you don’t feel confident in your DIY skills.

We do provide the electrics within the office but do not physically connect it to the electric source. However, as we provide the lights, sockets, switch and fuse box it will only take a quick call to the local electrician for you to have this connected.

Contemporary Garden Office

Garden Offices Dunster HouseThe Contemporary Garden Office is something completely different! The design is revolutionary and is certain to change the future of office designs. Available in 3 different sizes; 2.2m, 2.8m and 3.4m, this is a design suitable for someone who needs a more compact Garden Office.

This office, the same as those above, can be built using a panelised system meaning you could build the office in a weekend. Of course, you may need help from a friend.

Customise your contemporary office

In a completely unique twist, we offer you the chance to completely customise your unique and sophisticated office. You may keep the modern, contemporary design that it comes with as standard. This would be ideal. Made with a resin based material, it looks professional from the start. We offer you the chance to choose from a range of varied colours. Ensuring the office finish is exactly what you want.

Maybe you want to emulate the design of the Tudors with our authentic Tudor style. We provide you with everything you need to create this finish, including the paint and timber wood panels.

The only reason we do not paint the timber Garden Offices Dunster Housebefore shipping is fear of the paint chipping in transit, but we are sure to provide you with enough to create a rich black colour.

By pooling our expertise and experience, along with a little bit of common sense, we have created stunning Garden Offices which are easily to build and will last for a long time.

These will not only add financial value to your home but it will save you commuting time and money that you would spend on fuel. Why not start 2015 in style!

To purchase one of these gorgeous Garden Offices, visit www.dunsterhouse.co.uk or ring 01234 272 445 today and save up to 20% off in our January Sale.

[i] http://www.dura-foam.com/resources/foam-roofing/nasa-shuttle-fuel-tank/

January 4, 2015

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