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Garages Dunster House

Maintaining a car can be expensive.  Fuel costs, down payments and monthly instalments (if you are paying via finance), tax, routine servicing, MOT and insurance – it all adds up even before any mechanical faults are identified.   According to a report via the Money Saving Expert, parking your car in a garage acts as a big deterrent to theft and reduces the chance of any accidental damage being caused by other drivers, pedestrians or stray footballs etc.  The increased safety helps insurers lower your rates, often giving you a drop of between 3-7%[i].

A report by the RAC foundation showed that only 53% of households in the UK had access to a garage[ii].  This figure reveals that, shockingly, 47% of the UK do not have a garage on their property and have no choice but to park on the street.  If you are amongst the 47% that do not have a garage on their property and want to secure your car overnight and save yourself money on monthly payments and   potential repairs then we have a large range of securable Garages which you can build on your back garden or driveway.

Log Garages

Garages Dunster HouseMade from high quality slow grown spruce timber, these timber Garages make a vast difference from the concrete Garages that are so common in the UK currently.  Our ranges of Garages are split into two categories Log Cabin Garages and Timber Garages.  They both provide you with an excellent high quality, heavy duty building – it is really down to personal preference which one you choose. This blog will focus on the Log Cabin Garages, if you would like to know more about our stunning Timber Garages click here.

The Log Cabin Garages are supported by thick pressure treated bearers. These thick and hardwearing bearers are not susceptible to rot and insect infestation due to the pressure treatment we provide so you won’t have to worry about deconstructing your Garage to retreat these annually.  You can be sure that your Garage will stay put throughout the year and won’t weaken.

Our Log Cabin Garages have windows and a side door for quick access to the garage without having to open the main door. Ideal if you use your garage for both storing your car and as a work shop.  To give you control over the design, we have created the kit formation so that you can change the logs around whilst building it. Allowing you to decide if you want your windows and doors on the left or right hand of the garage. And if you want the door at the front or back of the side elevation.  Even the design of the windows is up to you. You can remove the sculpted Georgian bars from the windows.  It’s simply down to your style and taste.


Garages Dunster HouseChoose from the traditional double opening timber barn doors, complete with three authentic gate hinges, or a modern look metal door. The metal door features higher roofs so it will allow plenty of room for larger vehicles. It is approximately 6’ 7” high.  Both of these will provide you with protection against unwanted intruders or items damaging your car such as foo
tballs, stones etc. Once again, it is all down to personal choice.

Our Garages are delivered to you in kit formation for you to assemble.  This is not difficult with the instructions we provide and the informative videos available on our website.  However, if you do not feel confident in building the Garage, you can opt for our very own installation service. It includes two person delivery, for an additional charge.  Providing that we have a solid base to work on. Please discuss this with your sales representative to ensure you follow our guidelines. We will not be able to proceed with construction without an adequate base. Our installers will construct this for you in  your back garden while you put your feet up.

Garages Dunster House


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February 2, 2015

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