Back to the future with a Man Cave

Man Cave Exterior Log Cabin Dunster House

We have advanced greatly since the days of the caveman. We have sanitation, technology, medicine and a lot of responsibility. In some ways it is fantastic but the art of communication and fun has been lost amongst the day to day chores that inevitably comes with being an adult. We are giving you a direct link to the simpler days with our range of Mancaves.

Man Cave Interior Log Cabin Dunster HouseOur range of Mancaves will suit everyone whether you choose to emulate the traditional look of a ‘cave’ with our Dark, Noir and Eclipse model or you choose the luxurious Shadow model.  Now we are not saying that your Mancave has to be a technology free zone. You can’t really relax and watch your favourite programmes on anything but a flat screen, can you?

We are saying that you should switch your phone onto silent, turn off the Wi-fi and indulge in some ‘me time’. Whether that be watching the footie without the constant interruptions from your partner and the children, playing that Xbox game you spent £50 on and haven’t disclosed yet or having a poker night with the lads in privacy.

Our Man Caves

Man Cave Exterior Log Cabin Dunster HouseOur range of Man Caves has 4 different styles and sizes for you to choose from however for this blog I am going to focus on the Man Cave Dark W2.6m x D4.8m as, to me at least, it emulates what I think of when I think of Man Caves.

The cave is small enough to fit at the end of the garden. Plus it has enough interior space to fit all the luxuries you need for a bachelor pad. A quick call to the electricians is all it takes to have a fully functional bar, lights and entertainment system at your disposal. All kept safe with the 9 point door locking system.


Man Cave Elements Log Cabin Dunster HouseI have always been a bit of a tomboy so when I think of the Man Cave; I think of sports, alcohol and rowdiness (you can’t watch football without shouting at the television. We’re all experts at it). This is great fun but, for your neighbours who don’t share you passion, this noise can quickly become a disturbance.

Thankfully, our thick timber and double glazed windows offer a certain level of insulation against noise. We are in no way saying that it is completely soundproof but it offers a barrier of protection against it.

The insulation is increased with the Polyurethane. It not only offers a little more sound protection but also ensures the cave remains cosy at 3am when you are still up with your mates.

You have the option of customising the exterior of the building to either to fade into the background or stand out. You can choose from 18 different treatments and 7 different options for roof protection. Personally, I would decorate mine with a brown roofing kit and a mix of Holly Green and Sage Leaf treatment. That way it’ll blend into the bottom of the garden. Perfect for hiding from the children!

This Man Cave is easy to build – you could probably do it in as little as a weekend. However, we know not everyone has the ability to build a Garden Building. So we offer installation with your product. Whether you choose to build it or get help, this is a Man Cave that you will struggle to leave!

June 15, 2015

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