BBQ: A sizzling start to spring!

BBQ Stove Dunster House

The clouds are starting to drift; the grey sky is being replaced by a bright blue one and the sun is trying its hardest to come out. It is time to clean off the mildew on your garden furniture and prepare for a garden full of guests. Now you could opt for a cheap disposable BBQ and throw it away afterwards but then you will have to worry about it not lighting, or not being hot enough to cook the food you’ve put on it. Or you can buy one of our BBQ’s which are long lasting and high quality with a twist.

Murphy Stove

Our Murphy BBQ stove gives you the perfect excuse to have a garden party with all your friends and family. However, this is far more than the BBQs you find at your local supermarket, these let you truly show of your culinary skills. The polished black look of the BBQ will not subside as it is painted with a special paint that is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius.

BBQ Stove Dunster HouseNow the best bit! Our BBQ is far from simply a grill, it is a small kitchen. Of course, it still does have a grill that you can cook tender rump steaks, healthy grilled chicken and every other traditional meat you would normally cook. This stove also comes with a huge 15 litre stainless steel cooking pot that allows you to cook fiery chillis, warm soup or, if the season allows, warm mulled wine. All of which will fill the air with beautiful aromas. Another valuable accessory to your BBQ, which comes as standard, is a hot plate. Just imagine the gorgeous fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, crispy bacon and all other manor of food you could cook.

Optional Extras

BBQ Stove Dunster HouseWe couldn’t just stop at giving you all the practicalities that a catering van would provide. We also give you the opportunity to purchase extras such as a Paella Dish, Pizza Oven or a Smoker. These three optional extras give you the chance to truly cook anything you want. Our Pizza Oven can cook two pizzas at the same time, ensuring you will impress your guests with a rustic dining experience while the paella dish lets you impress your friends with your cooking skills. Whilst you are cooking your paella or pizzas for the guests, the smoker attachment can cook a perfect roast chicken or other meat, thanks to the insulation brick and thermometer. The insulation brick stabilizes the heat transfer into the bottom of the oven and the flames retain the intense heat.

Portable BBQ

BBQ Stove Dunster HouseEven our portable 7.5kg BBQ, which is the perfect size for camping, is as stylish and convenient as the more permanent BBQs we sell. You can carry this BBQ to whatever location you like; be it a music festival, camping trip or garden party, before quickly assembling it. The stove, like all stoves we sell, is far more than simply a stove. It allows you to grill food and also cook kebabs on the four skewers that come with it. You will have the best food on the camp site and will quickly make friends.  When you’ve finished your trip and let the BBQ call down, you simply remove the legs and pack it away until next time you need to use it.


Your guests will love coming over to your garden parties as they know that they will have a great time, gorgeous food and an experience they will never forget. To purchase one just in time for the warmer weather, visit or call one of our sales team on 01234 272 445!

March 30, 2015

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