Its BBQ time!

BBQ Stove Dunster House

The sun is out, the birds are tweeting and the distinctive smell of BBQ food is filling the air. This summer is predicted to be the hottest on record, with temperatures today matching Cyprus and Italy, so it is time to get ready. You could follow the crowd and buy a cheap BBQ for a retail store that simply grills or you could set yourself apart from the crowd by purchasing one of our Murphy BBQ stoves.

BBQ Stove

Far from being just a stove, the BBQ gives you the opportunity to host a garden party that people will be talking about for years to come. Your parties will be the place to be and you will have guests queuing for the food you’ll serve. The main BBQ is cylinder in style and painted black so it will fit in with whatever colour scheme you have for your garden. To make sure that the BBQ keeps its high quality finish, we use a special paint that can resist heat up to 600 degrees Celsius – this is not to say it will not get hot but you will not get the charred look that is common with chrome BBQs.

Along with the BBQ, you will get a 15 litre stainless steel cooking pot, a grill and a hot plate as standard. These widen your cooking opportunities substantially and will allow you to truly show your imagination and culinary skills. Maybe you’ll choose to cook a large batch of chilli, curry or stew that you can serve with chunks of uncut bread that you have toasted on the grill. Or, you could use the hotplate to cook some gorgeous fresh fish and vegetables to serve to your guests. Or, you can use the BBQ as a normal BBQ and cook kebab skewers, steaks, burgers and sausages.

Optional Extras

We do offer three optional extras with our BBQ: A pizza oven, smoker oven or a paella dish. These three attachments further increase the range of foods that you can cook.  These different options increase your cooking range substantially. They allow you to cook themed meals such as chilli and hot dogs for bonfire night, mulled wine at Christmas, fresh fish at Easter and any others you can think of. The smoker over attachment even allows you to smoke meat joints while enjoying a full Sunday dinner.

Paella dish:

BBQ Stove Dunster House

Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden party with our Paella Dish. The steel Paella cooking plate will allow you to create a variety of meals. Such as paella, stir fry, or American pancakes the choice is entirely up to you.

BBQ Stove Dunster House

Smoker Oven:

The smoker oven is simply attached to the flue exhaust to smoke a variety of meals. Smoking meat, fish and joints can all be achieved with the Murphy BBQ Stove MK2. This unique method of cooking will provide tasty, tender, moist and succulent food.


BBQ Stove Dunster House

Pizza Oven:

You can choose to attach a pizza oven to your stove to cook pizzas in a totally unique way. The oven will cook two average sized pizzas at once in no time at all. So,you can offer your guests a truly rustic garden treat.



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April 15, 2015

  • Hi, thanks for a great article.
    Can you remember how much you paid for it?
    I am looking for one of these.


    • HI Laura,
      Thanks for your interest. I am very sorry to say that we’ve very recently stopped production of the Hope Stoves, our last barbecue item. These will be sorely missed, as they always “stoked up” a bit of interest! Andrew, Dunster House

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