Be different this Father’s Day

Father's Day

Trying to think of something to buy your Dad on Father’s Day is difficult. You don’t want to get him something last minute from the supermarket if you can help it but rather something that shows him just how much you care! We’ve scrolled through the internet to help you find unique gifts that he’ll genuinely love but won’t break the bank!

The beard bib (from

Stop your dad from receiving an earful every time he shaves with the beard bib. Worn over the neck and attached to your mirror via sticky stays. This creates, in effect, a large net to catch all the fallen hair clippings rather than them going in the sink, stuck on the soap or even (gross) on your toothbrush! Once you’ve finished grooming, cleaning up is a doddle. As someone who lives with her boyfriend (who I think may, in fact, be a yeti), I can tell you that this will save a lot of arguments!

Father's Day

Bluetooth Tracking Tag (via

We’ve all been there. Trying to leave the house in the morning but can’t find our keys anywhere. It not only holds you up but creates unnecessary stress that can ruin your whole day. The Bluetooth tracking tag can be secured to your keys or wallet, remote, iPad and, with the simple download of an app, you’ll be able to locate them in minutes.

Father's Day

Plug and Play retro TV games (via

Let your Dad step back in time as you bring all his favourite video games to his TV. There are over 200 80’s games such as Pong, Racing Fighter and Space Base that will have your Dad reminiscing in no time. A small controller, very small, plugs into your TV and lets him play his games with updated graphics. Amazing!Father's Day

‘Thanks Dad’ print (via

Make your thank you last forever with a personalised Thanks Dad print.  You can choose the frame, design, the title (for those saying thank you to Grandad) and come up with a list of what you are thankful for.  They’ll be grinning from ear to ear as they are reminded daily of all the reasons why you love them so much. I loved this so much that I ordered one!

Father's Day

Digging it deeper (via

Perfect for the green fingered enthusiast amongst you as this Allotment tin comes with everything your Dad needs to keep the garden looking blooming marvellous this summer. Supplied by gardening geniuses Burgon & Ball, the blue metal tin has seedling labels, seed storage envelopes, herb seeds, transplanter and a dibblet – we weren’t sure what that was either!

Father's Day

Novelty mug (via

Share a giggle with your Dad this weekend, whilst also getting one up on your sibling, with novelty ceramic mugs. There are loads to choose from but our personal favourite had to be this one. We all know that we are the favourite child and now the whole world will know too!

Father's Day

What have you got your Dad this father’s day? Let us know in the comments below as I would love to see your ideas and perhaps they’ll inspire others. I think I’m going to get my Dad one of these cups to go with the Thanks Dad print!

June 16, 2016

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