The Benefits Of Turning Your Log Cabin Into A Home Gym

Home Gym Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

Home Gym Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

Inspired by a sustained period of inertia and over indulgence during the festive season, January is the month where millions of us en masse take the vow to get into better shape throughout the forthcoming year. As a consequence, applications for gym memberships soar in the post-Christmas period, yet before the spring arrives, the vast majority of us that have joined a gym in this knee-jerk manner stop attending altogether.

This is causing British citizens to waste an average of £37milllion each year on unused memberships- with the minimum term contracts most gyms insist on tying new members to- being a major contributing factor. It seems that once the enthusiasm created by a New Year’s resolution has subsided, finding the motivation to keep visiting the gym becomes a grind. It’s harming our aspirations for improved fitness and lightening our collective wallets in the process.

If exercising in a gym has caused you problems like this in the past, a log cabin gym could be the solution. Besides from potentially saving you money in the long-term, turning your log cabin into a gym can provide you with the convenience to maintain your fitness regime for the whole year. As well as the privacy and control to exercise in a manner that suits you.

Turning your log cabin into a home gym can prove cost-effective

Gym membership contracts, as well as being potentially exploitative, are expensive and you end up owning nothing tangible. Moreover, the costs involved in renewing your contract are ongoing. That’s before you factor in continuing travel costs and other additional expenses that prove inevitable.

In stark contrast, high-quality equipment, even if used rigorously, will last you for many years before it needs to be replaced. Plus, it’s yours to use whenever you want. In the best case scenario where your new found enthusiasm for exercise lasts a life time. The savings involved in creating your own log cabin home gym would be massive.

Turning your log cabin into a home gym offers increased convenience

Making time for exercise in our often busy lives can be problematic. It’s also one of the main contributing factors that lead to many of us abandoning the gym. Long before we intend.

A log cabin home gym, by eradicating the need for travel, can help you to find the time within your demanding schedule to fit in a regular exercise workout. Having gym equipment so close to your home will also allow you to exercise at a time that best suits your needs. If you want to exercise in morning so that you leave your evenings free for relaxation, for example, a log cabin home gym offers you the freedom to do so. You won’t have to worry about opening time restrictions.

In short, the convenience of a home gym is defined by its accessibility and the time that is saved by having the equipment so close to home.

Home Gym Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

Turning your log cabin into a home gym offers increased privacy

For those new to the experience, public gyms can represent intimidating environments which put many of us off going back. Often, the majority of those that visit gyms have done so for a while and are in great shape. Leaving those that have joined to lose the extra weight put on over Christmas feeling self-conscious. And the fact that public gyms line up fitness apparatus side-by side does nothing to help.

Creating your own log cabin home gym will afford you the benefit of being able to exercise in private and away from the gaze of regular exercisers who may be perceived to cast negative judgement. For the shy and self-conscious, a log cabin home gym offers the perfect solution and the chance to exercise without inhibition.

Creating your own private log cabin gym also means that you don’t have to rub shoulders with the great unwashed. Where the potential spread of germs and viruses becomes an increased possibility. Although public gyms stress the importance of wiping down fitness equipment after use, using your own home gym completely minimises the risk of picking up other people’s germs and puts you in complete control of cleanliness.

Turning your log cabin into a home gym gives you full control over design and ambience

The types of designs found within most gyms are typically modern and clinical. While this undoubtedly appeals to a lot of users, others will find this type of aesthetic cold and demotivating. By creating your own gym within your log cabin you have full control over the décor. Thus, you can create an environment that you personally find conducive for exercise.

Creating a home gym in your log cabin rather than a room in the house, will make it easier to ventilate and introduce natural light into also. At the beginning of the year, when both the early evenings and mornings remain dark and damp such a benefit is invalid. However if you’re still exercising in your home gym once the spring arrives. The chance to do so within touching distance of your garden brings added benefits.The airwaves of public gyms are more than often filled with the sounds of popular music. Whilst the decision behind this is obvious, the notion of popular does not always necessarily equate to good. Thankfully, in your log cabin gym only you get to decide the tunes that inspire and get your blood pumping.

According to the NHS, for adults aged 19-64 to stay physically healthy they should exercise for at least two-and-a-half hours a week. However, research conducted by the University of Bristol reveals that  one in ten people fail to even walk for five continuous minutes in a whole month. Furthermore, the same research has revealed that nearly 80% of people fail to take part in the minimal government targets for physical activity per month.

Home Gym Log Cabin Interior Dunster HouseTurning your log cabin into a home gym can help you to become physically fit

When viewed as a collective, the population of the UK is failing to exercise sufficiently. However turning your log cabin into a home gym can help you to buck the trend. Also become physically fit in the process.

Optimising your log cabin home gym for strength training

A home gym equipped with suitable weights is a fantastic way to build core strength. Strength training is important as it helps to build strong muscles and heart health. As well as creating a tighter, muscular body that can improve your looks and self-confidence. Consistent strength training can also help you develop better energy levels and mental well-being. Therefore it can have the knock-on effect of improving your productivity at work and overall quality of life.

Optimising your log cabin home gym for cardiovascular training

Your log cabin home gym can also be a great place to engage in cardiovascular exercise.  The benefits to your physical health are similar to those found with strength training. However cardiovascular training also improves blood circulation and encourages your body to release endorphins that help to reduce anxiety.

If you have embraced regular exercise with a log cabin gym, we’d love to hear from you! Why not share your experiences with us in the comments section below?


January 20, 2014

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