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Bar in your log cabin - Dunster House Cabin Bar High/Low Top Bar

Growing up, like most young adults, I spent a lot of the time in my local pub or club. However, as I got older, I realised that these are no longer suitable for me. Between the cost of transport both there and back, entry fees, rising alcohol prices and the takeaway on the way home (why is it such a staple?), having a night out can drain the bank. Add this to the fact that you can barely hear your friends over the music and it quickly starts to lose its appeal. We are frequently telling you about how you can transform your Log Cabin, Summerhouse or Garden Office into the ultimate entertainment venue, we have even shown you how to do it, but now we have made it even easier with our Log Bar range.

High/Low Top Bar

Both our high top and low top bar are W1.5m wide, D0.83m deep and stand 0.95m off of the ground, although the additional top of the high top bar makes it 1.98m high. The 1.5m width of the bar makes it wide enough, and strong enough, to hold a rotary bar. This will help keep all your favourite spirits close at hand for cocktails and iced drinks. In addition to this the bar is also big enough to fit at least two beer pumps so your and your guests’ favourite drink is available on draught.

Bar in your log cabin - Dunster House Cabin Bar High/Low Top Bar

The only difference between the high top and low top bar is the additional timber fixture on the top of it. This is made from slow grown spruce timber; the same as all of our timber product, ensuring it is strong enough to hang decorations, lights and anything else you decide you need to enjoy the celebrations. This makes it ideal for use during special occasions (Halloween, Christmas and New Years), anniversaries, birthdays and any other reasons you can think of to throw a party. When you are not using the Log Cabin to celebrate, and are simply wanting to enjoy spending time with your friends and family, it means you don’t have to dress up to enjoy it. You can invite your friends over for a night of laughter, nibbles and drinks all while in your most comfy clothes (I have been known to do it in my pyjamas).

Corner bar

In addition to our high top and low top bar, we also offer a Cabin Corner Bar for an authentic pub feel (many of our customers transform their pub into bars, customers like Dean). This corner bar lets you step behind the bar and play the perfect host for your friends.

Bar in your log cabin - Dunster House Cabin Corner Bar

The bar itself stands at an impressive 1099mm high, approx 3’ 6”. Meaning everything is within easy reach and you don’t need to bend down or over stretch while hosting. Sitting flush against the bar sits a decorative top which makes it stand out for all the right reasons. The thick timber is great to hang signs, lights or, with a little DIY know how; turn it into a space to store your glasses. Any of these decoration ideas will help your Cabin Corner Bar make a statement to everyone who sees it.

To order either the Low Top Bar (currently £249.99) or Cabin Corner Bar (currently £269.99), visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

September 1, 2016

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