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Pressure Treating Dunster House

We are very proud of the fact that we fully pressure treat our timber rather than simply dip treating it like some of our competitors.  By fully pressure treating the timber we sell, we can guarantee that we are selling the highest quality timber to you everytime.
pressure_plant_2_thumbThe pressure treatment process is simplistic but makes a huge difference to your Garden Building. The timber is pre cut before being placed on a pallet. We pre-cut the timber to ensure there is little wastage and that we can ensure that the treatment is evenly distributed.  The treatment we use is non toxic; arsenic free, copper chrome preservative which is ideal for products such as our Rabbitopia’s which could be nibbled on. It ensures that they are not poisonous if consumed.

Once placed on the pallet, this is placed within a chamber which pushes the preservative deep within the timber. This extends its life and helps protect it against rot and insect infestation. We treat the timber ourselves instead of buying it from suppliers which means we can cut down the expenditure and also do not have to wait on suppliers to provide us with the goods or face excuses, breakdowns or manufacture shortages.

During the treatment process, we have a brown additive to be added to the treatment to ensure that the final product is a stunning brown colour pressure_plant_1rather than the conventional green. While this may come at an additional charge, we feel that the deep brown gives a much better contrast to the vibrant colours in your garden.  All of our bearers are pressure treated as standard as they are exposed to the damp, cold ground and the treatment will stop them from rotting over time and causing your Garden Building to sink. It also stops you having to annually deconstruct and re-treat the bearers each year.

The majority of our products are pressure treated such as our Climbing Frames, Greenhouses, Thatched Gazebos and Garden Offices. There are some exceptions such as our Log Cabin and a range of our Garages. We do not fully pressure treat everything as we like you to have control over the final look of your cabin. We do sell various kinds of treatment for you to paint your Garden Building and have recently launched a new range of block treatment. The treatment is low odour and with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The unique formulation is a water-based micro-porous acrylic and alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil – a natural renewable resource. The treatment is also resistant to mould and fungal protection to ensure the colour does not fade.

Treating your timber, whether it is via the purchase of a pressure treated Garden Building or treatment you apply yourself, is vital to your buildings longevity. It offers essential protection against the varying weather.  If you choose to apply treatment, rather than opting for a pressure treated building, ensure this is put on correctly. The maintenance guides available on our website should help to guide you through this.

February 11, 2015

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