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Bar Isabel Dunster House

Think back to when you last went on holiday?  Sun, sea and sand surrounding you as you relaxed on the beach.  While you were exploring, you may have come across a little bar that quickly became your favourite thing. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly people and the prompt serving of your chosen beverage. If you could bring that little bar home, would you?  Of course you would!

Made with 19mm timber the Isabel Bar combines the practicality of our fully timber Log Bar with the protection that the Isobel Shelter, providing you with a wonderful pub in your back garden.   Invite your friends over to sit in your private seating area. An area that is protected from the elements by the elongated roof that covers the entire product. Therefore, rainy days will not hinder your plans.  They will be left breathless by the seamless elegance of the bar. Due to the timber panels we use to avoid unsightly join marks while making it easier to construct.  Invite as many people as you like round, you have plenty to space to fill with the three sides they can sit at.  Perfect for a letting the celebration go on well into the night.

Customise your bar

We do not pressure treat our Isabel bar instead delivering it to you in a flat pack panelised kit.  This is so you can customise it with a choice of our beautiful block colour treatments. They are available in Mendip Mist (blue grey), Heritage Blue, Dove Grey, Sage Leaf, Silver Grey, Cornish Cream, China Clay and Egg Shell Blue. They can be purchased for an additional cost.

Step behind the bar and become the landlord while serving your friends impressive cocktails or install a pump to have your favourite beer on draught. Fully enclosed on one side, The Isabel bar comes with a high storage cupboard with multiple shelves for storing all of your favourite drinks, mixers and anything you need for the bar.

To purchase the Isabel Bar, with prices starting at £644.99, visit or ring our sales team on 01234 272 445.

Bar Isabel Dunster House

December 20, 2014

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