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Bike Storage Shed Dunster House

I was cleaning my garden this weekend, both in preparation to move and because I believe in spring cleaning, when I spotted them. At the end of my garden sat two bikes, both of which were long forgotten, fixed in place with grass and weeds and starting to rot because of their constant exposure to the varied British weather. I spent a good few hours, and pounds, cleaning them up and getting them ready to ride again. However, I have nowhere to store them meaning they will get rusty again.

I could bring it into my house at night but, after a long day biking on muddy dirt trails, I am reluctant to drag it through my nice clean carpet. I could lock it up outside but it would still be exposed to the elements and I would find myself back in the same situation as it begins to rust and stiffen.

Bike Storage Shed Dunster House Bike Shed

The Bike Storage Shed has been designed for exactly this reason. At W2.0m x D1.0m in size, it is big enough to store both adults and children’s bikes. However, small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your garden. It’s ideal if you have a patio, terrace or limited space to work with. Inside the 1600mm wide double opening doors is 1190mm (6’ 6”) x 0.990mm (3’ 2”) of space to fill meaning that you will not only be able to store your bikes but maintenance tools and safety equipment too . Less than 2.5m tall, the shed can be placed within 2m of a boundary such as a fence, wall or gate meaning you can position the bike shed within the corner of your garden and leave plenty of space to throw garden parties or for your kids to play.

Bike Storage Shed Dunster House

Pretty & Useful

The storage shed is as strong as it is aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to a combination of 16mm shiplap timber and pressure treatment. It will come to you in easy to construct panels. This pressure treatment protects the spruce against rot and fungal decay for 10 years. Without the inconvenience of having to annually apply treatment to keep your structure safe. We guarantee it! As we know security is paramount when you’re riding on your bike and storing it at home. Therefore, the Bike Storage Shed comes with a bolts and clasp lock.

This interconnecting knock gives you control over the padlock you choose to secure it in place. I personally use a combination padlock. To further waterproof your storage shed and avoid any leaks, we offer a variety of roofing options. Such as felt and superfelt to finish the look of your building.

Construction of the Bike Storage Shed is simple – you could do it in as little as a weekend! Find out how by watching our short construction video:

To order this stunning storage building visit our website or call our team on 01234 272 445. As always, feel free to ask any questions below or via our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even Pinterest)


March 23, 2016

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