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Fence Panels

When you think of fences, or type them into Google, you generally think of rickety fences that are littered with holes, not very strong and offer you no security or privacy. But why does this have to be the case? Why should your view, and all the hard work you’ve put into your garden, be tarnished by an old, ugly fence? We’ve stepped in to stop this from happening and give you a fence panel that adds to the landscape rather than detract.

Our Fence Panel systems are unlike anything else we’ve seen on the market.  Like most of our Garden Building ranges, we have a large variety of different sizes and styles for you to choose from. For the sake of this blog, I want to focus on the essential features that our entire range features.

Planned, strong timber
On the majority of fences, you’ll see wavy panels. These aren’t wavy on purpose, nor are they even, but because they’ve been quickly ripped from the tree. Everything is done with profitability and efficiency in mind, often at the cost of quality. The best way I can describe it is the way it was described to me. Think of the circular saws that you see in horror movies – the ones with the big, jagged teeth – and picture it at an industrial size. The wood is thrown through it at speed, quickly producing rough sawn panes of wood.  These panels are produced quickly as they practically rip the wood from the tree.

The way we prepare our timber is very different; each piece is put through three different stages before it is considered ready. After it is chopped down, it is put through a circular saw but slower so there is an even finish to each piece. After this the timber is planned down to reduce splinters, smooth out the edges and give an attractive, polished finish. Finally they are pressure treated (more about that below) before the panels are constructed.

Our method may take longer but it results in a stronger fence panel that is more structurally sound than the rough sawn panels. We make sure our fence panels fit together properly, rather than the frayed finish of our competitors fences, so you won’t be left with gaps as the timber moves (it’s a natural product, it happens).Fence Panels

Pressure treatment
We fully pressure treat our timber, rather than dip treat it (find out more about the differences between them here) or even leave it plain, so you can comfortably relax knowing that your fence is protected against rot and fungal decay for ten years. We’re so confident in the protection that our pressure treatment provides that we offer you a ten year guarantee with your fence panels.

It’s also important to note that our ten year guarantee is an actual ten year guarantee, not a ten year guarantee IF you treat it annually. When I first started working at Dunster House, I’ll be honest; I had no idea what to look out for. If I saw the words ‘Anti Rot Guarantee’ I believed it was like ours but I found many of them had strings attached that simply didn’t make sense. My biggest pet peeve is when guarantees say they are protected if you apply treatment. Our Director, Alex, put it in a really simple way by relating it to cars (he is as mad about cars as he is rabbits). If you went to pick up a new car and the sales person tells you that it won’t rust, but only if you painted it every year, you would think it was ridiculous! Your fence shouldn’t either.  Why are these Companies offering a Guarantee for something that you are going to have to do yourself? How could you even prove you had treated it if you tried to make a claim? We don’t offer pointless Guarantees. We guarantee that our pressure treated timber will last for 10 years without any additional labour from you.

Fence Panels

There is no point putting up a fence if your neighbours can see over it. You won’t be able to relax in your garden if you are constantly worrying about your neighbours peering over the fence or staring at you whilst you hang out with your friends. Now the majority of the fences on the market are 1.80m (5’ 11”) and we simply couldn’t understand why. We did a little research into the legal limitations to fences and found that the UK law requires that your fence be no more than 2m in height. With this in mind, we set out to offer two fence sizes 1.83m (6’ 0”) and 1.98m (6’ 6”) making them some of the tallest on the market. Unless you have some excessively tall neighbours, your privacy is guaranteed.

Fence Panels

Doubled up!
We don’t want to cause any arguments or tension between you and your neighbours. It’s easy to be happy with your new fence but it’s often your neighbours that are left with the unsightly support beams and framework. Our double sided fence panels are identical meaning that both you and your neighbours will benefit from them being installed.

With them being identical, both sides of the fence are made from the same strong timber. This means that if you, or your neighbour, have a particularly active child who likes to kick footballs about (who doesn’t) then your fence will last. Andy Murphy, Company owner, took two of our team to his house solely with the purpose of testing the fence against footballs (this is supposedly work) and they held up very well against weaker, thinner competitors. Check it out below in our fence panels features video:

To order one of these fences, and give your garden the border it deserves, visit our fence panels website ( or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

June 23, 2016

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