Boxing Day movies in the Man Cave Cinema

Man Cave Cinema Dunster House

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to get together with friends and family to celebrate the end of the year, exchange presents and eat your fill of mince pies and chocolate. Although a fantastic day it can be hectic and. after the big day itself, you might be looking for a change of scenery. Whether you’re into action, comedy or epic tales, there is a massive range of genres giving all film fans the opportunity to discover a new favourite film. Traditionally being Boxing Day Christmas movies are at the top of the list, in particular a personal favourite of mine, Home Alone. You can put it down to a vote but everyone will agree that Boxing Days are a time for relaxing and doing nothing but watching movies.

Our new Man Cave Cinema is the perfect escape for adults or children, especially if you can’t decide which movie to watch. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like, as loud as you want without disturbing anyone inside the house. It is the perfect escape for any occasion; you can send the children off when dinner is finished or wait till they are all tucked up in bed to enjoy a movie uninterrupted.

The best thing about our Man Cave Cinema is that you can choose to watch the movie in peace and quiet or with family and friends. There is nothing worse than wanting to watch a movie with the volume turned up to the max, only to be disrupted by stomping feet upstairs subtlety telling you to turn it down or the constant nagging in your ear can get annoying especially if all your trying to do is enjoy it, we say no more and welcome all the movie buffs in open arms with this fantastic product.

The Man Cave Cinema is maintenance free which allows you to start designing your perfect cinema as soon as you receive it. The walls are made from a resin based wood material, are delivered to you plain so you can choose how you would like to design it; maybe you’ll paint it with one of our two treatment colours (Inca or Soft White), have your favourite movie wallpaper up or create a mural to really make it unique – it’s down to your personal preference, creativity and budget.Man Cave Cinema Dunster House

The interior of the Man Cave is also delivered to you bare so you can design and customise it to however you like (there is a debate in the office as to how we would do this – ideas?). The shell of the Man Cave Cinema comes with a storage shelf below the screen for your DVD player, games consoles, surround sound or other gadgets. The storage shelf helps to keep the whole place tidy as you can store remotes as well as keeping the wires hidden away so your guests won’t trip over them.Man Cave Cinema Dunster House

At 3.7m wide by 4.8m deep there is plenty of room inside for your entire DVD’s or blue ray collection to be stored safely and all at arm’s length. In front of the raised platform (no need for down in front as the ManCave Cinema naturally raises the back seats so you can easily see over the people in front), there is plenty of space for a ‘foyer’ – why not add popcorn makers or a sweet buffet so you don’t have to leave for snacks between movies.

Man Cave Cinema Dunster House

We are all secretly movie buffs the only thing holding us back may be others in your household conspiring against you and watching something that may not be to your taste, now the table can be turned with your very own Man Cave Cinema. Order one of these today and give yourself years of movies, memories and plenty of popcorn! Visit, or call 01234 272 445, to find out more!





December 26, 2015

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