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Arbour in the garden from Dunster House


We know you’re proud of your gardens and you should be. You spend hours creating and maintaining them to ensure a picturesque view when you look out your windows. I truly believe that you should have a dedicated space where you can sit in your garden. A place to reap the benefits of your hard work. In an ideal world you may want to add a Log Cabin, Thatched Gazebo or Summerhouse to your garden. However, multiple factors like budget, style and garden size can stop this from happening.

Brenin Arbour

Arbour Dunster House
If you don’t have the space for one of our ‘full size’ Garden Buildings but still want a secluded area to relax in the garden you’ve created, why not look at the Brenin Arbour. At 1.5m x D0.8m the Brenin Arbour is small enough to fit a garden of any size. It’s also large enough for you to sit comfortably, either alone or with a friend, on the bench.  Delivered in a flat pack the Brenin Arbour has everything you need to easily construct your Arbour. Down to the timber itself being Pressure Treated so you don’t have the additional cost. Neither the hassle of treating it when constructed and having to wait hours for it to dry.

The Pressure Treatment is deep set into the timber. The treatment protects your Arbour from rot and fungal decay. Which is necessary for a Garden Structure that is exposed to harsh weather conditions. In addition, it gives it a rich, oak like finish that’ll compliment your garden perfectly. You can build it in as little as a day. As soon as you build, you can start using it.

Arbour Dunster House

Pressure Treated

As the weather can be temperamental, you need a place that offers you shade and shelter in equal measure. The back and roof of the structure are made from panels of solid timber. That means if you push the arbour against a wall or fence, you won’t expose it to cold or damp. So you don’t have to worry about cold seeping through the gaps in the trellis.

The sides of the Brenin Arbour are still Pressure Treated but are trellis panels rather than solid. These are still made from Pressure Treated timber. But, unlike other trellises, ours are strong enough to secure hanging flowers, vines and even fairy lights that add colour and character to your garden. In addition to making your structure as beautiful as it is strong.


Arbour Bench Dunster HouseI know I can’t be the only one who loses track of time when I am relaxing, a small niggling backache letting me know when my time is up. The bench in the Brenin Arbour is specifically designed with comfort in mind – the slanted back and curved edges make sitting for prolonged periods of time easy. This is ideal for times when chatting with your friends and family lasts a little longer than expected.

As we know people like to chat over a cup of tea or glass of wine, we even ensure that there are armrests on either side that are big enough to hold these as well as small plates of food so you can keep talking well into the night.

Don’t let the winter months force you indoors and stop you making the most of your downtime by adding the Brenin Arbour to your garden. I promise that, on a lazy Saturday morning, when you curl under a blanket with a hot drink and a good book – you’ll thank me!

The Brenin Arbour is a stylish, shaded seating area that would look great in any garden. Imagine sitting in your garden arbour, in a shaded corner, looking out across all of your hard work and enjoying some time out with a book to unwind. This pressure treated wooden arbour has a trellis panel either end of the bench where you could train a clematis or two. Make it individual by choosing from one of three fascia board styles! Visit our website to order this today for just £346.99 or call our sales team on 01234 272445 to talk to our sales team

October 14, 2015

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