Brian Blessed’s Log Cabin Looks Awfully Familiar!

Brian Blessed: My Haven-Cabin/Chalet

Brian Blessed’s Log Cabin!

Brian Blessed: My Haven-Cabin/Chalet

Did anyone else read about Brian Blessed​’s ‘Haven’ in the Daily Mail​ Weekend supplement? We were in shock when we saw Brian Blessed sat in one of our Log Cabin that he had lovingly filled various keepsakes, gifts and sentimental items that make him smile everytime he steps through the double doors and into the room. Talking to Angela Wintle, Brian had some fantastic things to say about his ‘chalet’, our  Severn Log Cabin:

“This wooden chalet in my back garden is my sanctuary. It’s where I write, keep my vast library and plan my expeditions. I also meet my old friend Sir Kenneth Branagh here once a week for half an hour of Indian meditation”

The Severn Log Cabin looks great at the end of his garden, giving him plenty of space for his furniture, collectables and decorations. Positioned on decking, the two large windows on either side of the double doors gives Brian a view of his garden whilst he writes, must be so peaceful!

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October 26, 2015

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