Brighten your garden up with a beautiful Summerhouse

Summerhouse in the garden from Dunster House

Our range of Summerhouses are designed to be the main focal point in your garden. We have different styles to appeal to varying tastes as well as landscapes. A new Summerhouse can become a haven in which to dine, read or write. You can also use the space as a home office or merely be a retreat to enjoy a drink with your family or friends. But whether it becomes a place for work, play, or relaxation, our range of expertly crafted Summerhouses can provide you with a lifetime of lasting memories.

Not only are Summerhouses multipurpose but in the long run, having a Summerhouse will add value to your property. It is certainly appealing to those who spend a lot of time in their garden and may be one of the main reasons why they purchase your home.

With such hectic schedules it is often very hard to find some peace and quiet especially in a noisy household. A Summerhouse can become your very own retreat to do as you wish. By creating a space where you can go and truly unwind, you can recharge your batteries and get some well earned rest.

Summerhouse in the garden from Dunster House


Our Summerhouses come in a range of sizes and styles to appeal to everyone. Most noticeable are the long panes of 4mm thick toughened glass encased with our elegant Georgian bars. We use toughened glass as it is strong, durable and less likely to scratch or break.

Many of our competitors will offer plastic alternatives such as Perspex and Styrene that will not only cloud up over time but will scratch when you come into contact with the plastic. The toughened glass we use allows plenty of natural light into the building, providing you with a warm, cosy space to enjoy all year


We use thick shiplap timber in the construction to give you a strong and robust structure that will last you for many years to come. Shiplap timber has a little channel running alongside the timber to allow water to run off the timber very quickly. This also helps the Summerhouse dry quickly after exposure to rain, helping to protect it from any water damage.

Summerhouse in the garden from Dunster House

Pressure treatment is a must

We ensure that your Summerhouse will stand proud in your garden for years to come. With our supply of pressure treated floor bearers. As the bearers are the closest thing to the ground they are open to the elements, stagnant water, ice, bugs. Our thorough method of forcing the treatment deep into the timber will protect it from rot and insect infestation. It also allows us to offer a genuine 10 year guarantee.

Be wary of the competition that either do not treat the timber at all. But if they do it is generally dip treated. That  process that doesn’t force the treatment inside. Thus it’s  leaving it vulnerable to the elements. Timber that is not treated properly is prone to damage from the weather far easier. It’salso likely to crack and split.

The process we use to force the treatment via a pressure treatment tank far exceeds that of the competition. So grab a  Summerhouse that will become the focal point in your garden look no further than Dunster House.

We know that gardens come in different shapes and sizes. Also your individual uses and needs are different so, naturally, the Garden building you need may differ.

Our website features a filter where you can limit your results by building shape, size, tier, budget, range and a host of other things. They should help you find the best Summerhouse for your garden.

If you can’t find it, don’t despair, ring our sales team on 01234 272 445. They have technical knowledge and will help you find a building to suit your preference and budget. If you would prefer them to call you, simply fill in our ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our team will get right back to you.

September 3, 2016

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