Bring the abroad to your back door with the Tahiti Pergola!

Pergola Tahiti Dunster House

Looking at the sky you may think that garden parties are never going to happen, the idea of a resting with a cold drink while the warm sun gently heats your back seems a million miles away. However, there are just 72 days until the start of spring and you have a lot to do! Our brand new Tahiti Pergola combines the beauty of our Garden Structure range with the practicality of our Gazebos in stylish fashion. Why not bring a little bit of the exotic to your back door.

Adjust the curtain to catch the sun or shade

As the sun moves throughout the day, the temperature rises and falls inconsistently. Therefore it’s hard to know where to catch the most sunshine or have shelter from it when desired. With the Tahiti Pergola, it doesn’t matter. The canopy roof is retractable so allows you to choose whether you have it open to fully maximise the sunlight when the weather is cool or, when it gets too hot, you pull it closed to protect you from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin.Pergola Tahiti Dunster House

What it’s made of

The wood on the Pergola is a soft wood which is kiln dried and pressure treated. This offers you protection against rot and insect infestation, for which we provide a 10 year guarantee, leaving you with a deep and rich brown colour. The 86mm x 86mm timber framework provides a very sturdy and long lasting framework that will stand the test of time.

Pergola Tahiti Dunster HouseThe retractable canopy roof and curtains are made up from sand coloured ‘Harmonica Cloth’. These consist of very strong HTPE knotted canopy which provides a feeling of coolness in warm weather. It also helps offers up to 95% protection against UV rays. The optional cream coloured curtains have the same material. They are also resistant to mould build up and are easy to clean if required.

This beautiful Garden Structure will certainly add a wonderful clean architectural look to any garden.

January 8, 2015

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