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ChunkyWood Dunster House

2012, and the beginning of 2013, saw abysmal weather which wasn’t great for flowers, vegetables or gardeners. One way to combat this is raised beds. There are so many benefits to raised beds. You can contain whatever you’re growing, which is great if you’re growing mint, bluebells or anything else than spreads quicker than gossip.ChunkyWood Dunster House


Visually , whatever you plant in your raised beds could look better than what you’ve simply planted in the ground. Not just because you can create better symmetry or leveled designs but also because you won’t be walking between plants or produce when weeding, pruning or foraging for your evening meal. This stops your foot steps from compacting soil and root systems, allowing for better growth and soil drainage.


Raised beds also allow more control over soil types. For those of us who live in sandy or clay soil areas, there’s always a slight issue over what to plant and where along with whether we should lay a certain amount of compost down before planting or not. With a raised bed there isn’t this problem, simply fill the bed up with compost and plant!

 ChunkyWood Dunster House

With the ChunkyWood Raised Beds you can have all of the above benefits when growing your plants or vegetables. The ChunkyWood Raised Beds are available in various heights, shapes and sizes allowing you to create interesting garden displays no matter what you’re growing. Made with pressure treated 45mm thick timber, the ChunkyWood Raised Bedsare built to last! 
ChunkyWood Dunster HouseChunkyWood Dunster House
May 2, 2013

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