Bring the Isabel Bar to your back garden!

Isabel Bar in the garden Dunster House

The best thing about holidays is soaking up the sunshine at the bar. Your favourite cocktail in one hand and a book in the other while your stress just melts away. The bad part is the stress of airports, packing and travel. By the time you are home, you feel like you have never been away. An empty bank balance and some photos are your only reminders. This year is set to be a scorcher and temperatures rivaling those that you will find abroad. So, you can reap the holiday benefits without all the stress or cost. All you need is a retreat in your garden that you can escape too. All you need is your own Isabel bar to soak up the sun!

Isabel Bar

Our Isabel Bar combines beauty and practicality to provide you with a sheltered place to relax come rain or shine. The enclosed structure allows you to spend your afternoons soaking up the sunshine. While sat in the shade. it protects you from the sporadic showers that might momentarily interrupt your garden party.

Made from slow grown spruce timber; this strong, sturdy building is delivered to you untreated so you can paint it a colour of your choosing. Perhaps you will paint it a bright colour such as Eggshell Blue or you will be more subtle. By choosing Light Brown or Antique Pine. The choice is yours – in fact, the more creative the better.

Multi uses of your own bar

Whether you are a jet setter looking for a place to spend your rare downtime truly relaxing and doing nothing. Or a person who likes meeting up with friends for a drink at the end of a long week. Either way, the Isabel bar is for you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about taxi fares, men/woman interrupting you with a long list of chat up lines. Rising alcohol costs, sticky floors and bad music? Being able to talk openly with your friends without worrying about people overhearing your conversation or, if you are anything like me, relaxing without having to get all dressed up ( I have an unhealthy obsession with my pyjamas).

To be the ‘hostess with the mostest’ by stepping behind the bar and wow your friends with your cocktail making skills you need your own bar! The Isabel Garden Bar gives you a bar to physically step behind and serve your favourite drinks – maybe even serve ones you’ve created that are named after your friends. To For your convenience, the Isabel bar comes with a storage shelf keeping all the drinks, glasses and attachments close at hand throughout the night so you don’t have to traipse backwards and forwards to the house for refills.

No more queues

The part of a night out that I look forward to the most is the kebab on the way home (yes, I am a foodie). Something about alcohol always boosts my appetite and, from the queues I often see at takeaway restaurants at 3am, it’s not just me. With this in mind, the Isabel bar has a ‘seating area’ which features a shelf that’s thick enough to hold plates, glasses or takeaway boxes to satisfy you and your guests late night cravings.

Made from slow grown spruce and delivered untreated, the Isabel Garden Bar is completely customiseable allowing you to decorate it any colour you want – ideal!

August 4, 2015

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