Bringing the kitchen to camp

Kitchen Stove in the garden from Dunster House

Most children have now been on their holidays for a week or two. The weather is meant to be quite warm over the next few months. Also, there are plenty of camping grounds just waiting for you to explore them.  The camping atmosphere is one that is not easily replicated; turning off  our phone, stepping away from your TV and spending actual quality time with your friends and family. Two of the best aspects of camping are, for me at least, the food and the fire. People become more reluctant to set huge bonfires. They may not want to leave the grounds with unsightly scorch mark. Thus, more campers are turning to BBQs. Our Murphy BBQ Stove MKII W0.41m x D0.41m gives you the heat of an open fire (although without the intense discomfort) and all the cooking functionality of a portable kitchen.

Murphy Stove

The circular Murphy Stove is painted in a special black paint that can resist heat of up to 600 degrees so you won’t get the horrible discolouration as the fire burns well into the night. The small window opens at the front, to stock it with wood to burn.

The Murphy BBQ Stove comes with a 15 litre stainless steel cooking pot, a grill and a hot plate as standard but there are optional extras to extend the culinary possibilities even further(more about that below). The features you get as standard mean you can cook meets such as chicken, salmon and steak on the grill, chilli’s and curries in the cooking pot while heating up kettles and pots on the hot plate. All those foods you associate with camping are within reach, there are not any limitations.

Kitchen Stove  in the garden from  Dunster House

Just because you are in a field, it doesn’t mean you food has to be basic. Our optional extras will help you create plenty of foods that will deem you the talk of the campsite.

The smoker, which is easily attached to the flue exhaust of the Murphy Stove, offers a tasty alternative method of BBQ cooking and produces full joints of meats which are tender and moist with little effort. The grill that sits inside the smoker attachment allows for even distribution meaning you can step away from the BBQ and spend time entertaining your guests while the joint of meat cooks away in the background.

Cook to perfection

While perfectly cooked fish maybe an impressive dish for the mature of your guests, the younger amongst them may fancy something a bit different. Such as pizza. With the BBQs that you find in supermarkets and hardware stores, this might be a problem, but with the pizza oven attachment you can cook two average sized pizzas in no time at all. Be the perfect host and let them create their own toppings before you put them in the oven. The fun doesn’t stop there as the oven attachment allows you to both roast and bake. Thus, increasing your menu to include bread, jacket potatoes, roast chicken. Plus, a whole range of meals that are sure to send you to your tent with a full stomach.

Kitchen Stove  in the garden from  Dunster House

Whether camping in the woods, or entertaining guests at a garden party, the Paella dish is a must have necessity. The large circular dish acts as a hot plate and frying pan combined. Giving you the chance to cook everything from paella to pancakes, bacon to French toast and everything that comes in-between. Simply slide the stainless steel cooking plate on top of the main BBQ. Then the plate will heat up in no time, increasing your cooking ability even further. As if you needed any more convincing, the Paella dish is currently free with the Murphy BBQ Stove.

Now is the best time to pack your bags, grab your friends and family, by your Murphy BBQ Stove and escape deep into the woods to spend quality time together free from the distractions of daily life. Starting from just £203.99, the Murphy BBQ Stove is an absolute steal! Visit our website today or call our sales team on 01234 272 445 – be quick though because when it’s gone, it’s gone!

August 5, 2016

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