Britain to experience a heatwave!


It is hard to imagine the sun. The warm, glowing ball in the sky that makes everything look a little brighter and allows you to take off the multiple layers you have had to put on for as long as you can remember. Pictures on your wall, desk and window sill prove that, at some point, there was sunshine but it’s just a fleeting memory. Oh heatwave!

Get ready for the heat!

We have some great news for you! You can open your wardrobe; dust off your t-shirts, shorts, thin strap tops, sandals and all of your other summer clothes. Britain is set to experience a monumental heatwave, starting this April, with temperatures so high they will put The Great Heatwave of 1906 in the shade (pun intended).

According to the Daily Express and mirrored by multiple publications state that temperatures over Easter will reach 80F (26C), topping temperatures common in Greece and Spain. Early long range models are showing a set of conditions, described as ‘freak’, which will trigger the long-awaited heatwave. To put it simply, an unusual jet stream will drag the hot air from the continent and see it basking us in crisp blue skies and sunshine. With weathers rivalling the typical holiday hot spots, the term ‘staycation’ has never seemed more appropriate. You can spend your weekends with your friends, sipping on cocktails and indulging on all the food you don’t allow yourself in the week and top up your tan.

Heatwave with frequent rain

As is common with the season, there will be frequent showers to break up the sunshine but these will pass quickly and it will not cool the weather overall. There may be some well received cool breeze blowing through to break the sweltering heat, so you need to be prepared and purchase a Garden Building that allows you to remain cool and dry but allows you to reap the benefit of the sunshine. They have stated that we need to get through the cold snap we’re currently experiencing for just a few more weeks, a month at most. This is the perfect time to decide on, and purchase, your Garden Building so you do not waste crucial sunshine.

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March 20, 2015

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