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The weather cannot make its mind up. One minute it is boiling hot, with weathers reaching a scorching 26C, and the next it is chucking it down. It’s a planning nightmare as you never know what they day is going to bring, you don’t want to spend your money on food and drinks for your BBQ if intermittent showers are going to force you to cancel it. To truly utilise your living space, and stop letting the weather control your social life, you need to have a Gazebo that is as adaptable as the weather.

We sell a variety of Gazebos, many of which are customiseable, and all of which will add something spectacular to your garden. I could chat about them all forever but, for this post, I am going to focus on our Canopy Gazebo. This Gazebo is not only stylish but gives you control over the final look.

We know Gazebos, and we know British weather, which is why our Canopy Gazebos come with very chunky 86mm x 86mm thick pressure treated Spruce timber posts. Pressure treated via vacuums in our circular tank, the non toxic Tanalith E is forced deep into the timber to protect it your structure against rot and fungal decay. We even add a brown additive to our timber during the treatment process so your timber doesn’t have the unsightly green tinge treatment normally gives it or the horrifying orange of dip treatment.  We pressure treat our timber after it is cut, rather than before, to ensure even coverage. Many of our competitors either treat it prior to cutting it which, after cut to size, leaves the ends exposed to the elements rendering the treatment pointless, dip treat which doesn’t treat the timber but rather coats it (so offers no protection) or simply leave it untreated.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House Metal Floor Fixing BracketTo further strengthen your structure, we supply fixing brackets which are attached through the middle of the timber and bolted into place. By using this method, rather than using an enclosing bracket, it allows water to run off of the timber rather than pool at the bottom which could damage your timber. These strong fixings ensure your Gazebo won’t fly away as the wind picks up

At the top of the 86mm x 86mm posts are hot dipped galvanised steel brackets that give additional support to the timber framework. By using hot dipped galvanised steel, you can be sure that the steel lasts much longer than zinc plated steel making it the best on the market. The process of hot dipping your steel adds a thick layer of zinc to keep corrosion away for Canopy Gazebo Dunster Houseyears – a must have when having a Garden Building that will be exposed to a variety of elements throughout the year – and is protected against structural failure caused by rust for 10 years. We are sure of this that we offer a Guarantee for 10 years.

As fantastic as all of the above is, it’s the canopy itself that is the most impressive! The title of this blog isn’t just click bait. Our Gazebos are bulletproof, well not entirely, but the same material used for the canvas canopy is used for the outer layer of bullet proof vests which makes it both insanely cool and highly durable. However, unless you live in an environment that closely represents Canopy Gazebo Dunster HouseGrand Theft Auto, bullet proof canopy is not going to be particularly appealing to you. So, what else does the 100% Olefin offer you?

We use 100% Olefin for our canvas and curtains as it’s a highly resistant material that can easily stand up to the elements. During sweltering days when they sun is particularly hot in the sky, the Olefin lets you sit in the shade whilst giving you protection from UV rays equivalent to applying factor 80 suncream. Should the weather turn (and let’s be honest, it regularly will), this canopy is water repellent and stain resistant to offer a barrier from the rain. To stop the water from collecting in the middle of the Canopy, causing it to become slack over time, the corners of the Canopy are held in place with aluminum tensioning brackets which can be tightened or loosened as needed. For ease of cleaning and maintenance, these tensioning brackets allow you to remove the canvas completely if needed.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster HouseTo help you battle the elements even more, we give you the option to add curtains to your Gazebo. Sold singularly you can choose to protect one side, two sides or the entirety of the Gazebo. These Gazebos are made with the same materials as the canopy of the Gazebo – 100% Olefin – and can be either rolled up and secured at the top for you to make the most of the sunshine or it can be secured whilst at full length to give yourself shade and privacy. Each curtain comes with a pressure treated 86mm x 86mm post and additional metal brackets so your Gazebo can remain structurally strong.


To find out more about the Canopy Gazebo, or to add of these stunning structures to your garden, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.



June 1, 2016

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