Camping is Cool Again: Why You Should Start a Glamping Business

Glamping Pods Dunster House


Glamping Pods Dunster House

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For decGlamping Pods Dunster Houseades, camping had a decidedly uncool reputation, and was more likely to conjure up images of rainy weekends with wet feet, than a luxury, comfortable getaway.

However, in recent years camping has seen somewhat of a revival, thanks to the new trend of ‘glamping’ giving it a serious boost in the cool stakes. Glamping is essentially posh camping, and allows holidaymakers to get back to nature, without having to leave the comforts they are used to at home.

Here’s why starting a glamping business could be a great idea.

Brits Love Glamping

In 2013, the number of people booking caravanning and camping holidays rose by 15% compared to the previous year. This was partially attributed to the rise in the popularity of glamping, as a comparatively low cost alternative to heading abroad or booking a hotel.

Over the course of last year, the industry continued to grow with a 14% increase in advance bookings, adding an estimated six billion to the UK economy. All of this means that if you are considering starting a new business, there are far worse places that you could put your money than glamping.

Glamping Success

From multi-roomed tents with their own bathrooms and kitchens, to yurts, treehouses and camping pods, a huge variety of British glamping businesses have been a big success.

Andrew and Holly Troughton – Great Washbourne

 Farmers Andrew and Holly Troughton chose to invest in the glamping industry, after a spell of particularly bad weather in 2013 wiped out £17,000 worth of their crops. The couple’s decision to jump on the ‘staycation’ trend helped them to bounce back from the disappointing yield, and was a huge success, with spaces filling up quickly for the summer.

The business comprises of three large tents, each with their own double bed, two single mattresses, a kitchen and a nearby shower room.  There was also the option for guests to muck in on the farm.

Today, Doe Bank Farm continues to thrive and has recently completed a brand new shower block.

Glamping Pods Dunster House


David and Heather Attew – Norfolk

Back in 2011, David and Heather Attew invested in fully insulated, carpeted camping pods, which were equipped with a flat-screen TV, heater, electric lights and sockets.

Soon after they arrived, the pods were fully booked for the coming months’ weekends, with the couple suggesting that they had helped them to attract customers who might not otherwise have considered camping.

Deer’s Glade’s glamping business also continues to thrive, with 4 Mega-Pods added in 2012.

Glamping Pods Dunster House
How to Make a Glamping Business a Success

Here are a few tips if you’re considering setting up a glamping business:

Do your homework – starting a business is never easy. You need to make sure you’re fully aware of what it will entail.

Things you should consider include:

  • The climate – due to the good old British weather, glamping is rarely a year-round business. Thus, you should look at how to maximise revenue between May and September.
  • Where will your customers come from – consider if the area you want to be based in will attract enough holidaymakers. Then calculate the return on your investment.
  • Planning restrictions – changing the services your business offers may have planning implications. Make sure you seek out planning advice specific to your locality.

Start Small – it’s advisable to start out small. Gradually build the business up over time to make sure it’s sustainable.

Stand Out – whether you offer cookery classes or horse riding, art tuitions or archery. Offering something different alongside the accommodation will help your business to stand out from its competitors.

As a comfortable and affordable way to get back to nature, glamping is becoming ever more popular with British holidaymakers. Therefore making it a great potential business investment.

If you’re considering starting a glamping business, check out our range of easy to build, affordable and comfortable camping pods.


 Glamping Pods Dunster House




September 14, 2014

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