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Candy Cart Dunster House

Candy Cart Dunster HouseOur Candy Carts are absolutely perfect for weddings, special occasions and parties. The design of the Candy Cart similar to that of the Victorian candy cart, with our Sophie Candy Cart having two large wooden wheels and our Felix Candy Carts having none, neither of these affect the quality or sturdiness of the product ā€“ it is simply down to personal preference.

Our Candy Carts are ideal for wedding venues, whatever your theme. The decorative edging, which runs around the roof and table of our Candy Cart, presents a beautiful decoration whilst also acting as a barrier against items rolling off the edge of the cart so there are no restrictions as to what you put on there. Both the Sophie Victorian Candy Cart and the fully pressure treated Felix Candy Cart have these.

Felix Vs Victorian Candy Carts?

The main difference between the two Candy Carts is that one is pressure treated and one is not. The Candy Cart Dunster Housepressure treatment makes the Felix Candy Cart a beautiful brown colour thanks to the coloured additive that we put in during the pressure treatment process. The Victorian Candy Cart is not pressure treated. However it can be painted with a wide range of colours making it adaptable. You could use it as a keepsake of your wedding afterwards.

Our detachable storage box is perfect for those items that need storing for a later time but that you want close at hand. If you want further security you could always add a hasp and clasp to secure it down. Items such as your bridal shoes which you have kicked off but you donā€™t want damaged, cards from relatives or your bridal parties gifts that you need to keep safe until the time is right. The box is detachable if you require extra space on the Candy Cart itself.

The sweetest use of candy carts

Candy Cart Dunster HouseThe most well loved use of Candy Carts is as just that ā€“ a sweet bar where guests can help themselves to all their favourite treats. This is a brilliantly inventive way to add extra nostalgia to your wedding. Why not find treats that were popular when you and your guests were growing up. It will be a brilliant way to get your guests reminiscing about old times. It can also be a great discussion starter while you are waiting for the food to be served.

Another, more unconventional, but stunningly unique way of using the Candy Cart is as a memory cart. Why not place images of you and your partner throughout your relationship? You can place your wedding book in the middle for all your guests to write on. It is a great way to share your special day with those around you and make them feel involved.

The greatest thing about our Candy Carts is that they are versatile so can be used as literally anything. The only restriction is your imagination. Let us see how you have used your Candy Cart?


February 14, 2015

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