Sun, support and shade with our Canopy Gazebo

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

It is time to swap the jumpers, Ugg Boots and oversized coats for joggers, thin strapped tops and trainers as spring is in the air. The colder weather is starting to give way to the sun and you now have more daylight than before to get your garden ready for all the parties and al fresco dining you are going to be doing over the next 6 months.

The main problem with dining in April is the unpredictable showers. You can be sitting on the patio with your friends and the skies open, just briefly, but enough to dampen the table and chairs you were sitting on which forces the party indoors. Once the rain clears up, usually in a matter of minutes, the sun starts blazing again but you can’t sit outside – unless you have a Gazebo.

Canopy Gazebo

We are not talking about the unsightly polyester Gazebos that stick out like a sore thumb and blows away when the wind gets a little heavy. We are talking about elegant and stunning Gazebos that withstand the negatives of a British Summer but let’s you fully reap the benefits!

Gazebo Dunster HouseOne such Gazebo is our range of Canopy Gazebos. Made from the same outer layer of bullet proof vests – Olefin material – this material is both waterproof and stain resistant allowing them to keep looking as good as new. Another great feature of Olefin is that it’s highly resistant to UV rays, giving you the same protection as applying factor 80 suncream, whilst still allowing a good amount of light through so that you have a bright and airy outside dining area. The Canopy is a cream colour meaning it will not clash with any colours in your garden and is perfect for long summer evenings!

The canopy is kept on the Gazebo via individual adjustable tensioners that allow you to tighten, or loosen, the canopy whenever you wish. The bolts make removing the canopy easy so, if you do need to clean it, it will be simple for you to do.


Gazebo Dunster HouseThe canopy sits on top on extra thick posts, 86mm x 86mm, which are chunky but offer support to your Gazebo. You’ll receive four as standard when you purchase this stunning garden structure but we appreciate that our customers are all different and some may like a little more privacy than simply a canopy roof which is why we give you the opportunity to buy 2 curtains and additional posts for the opportunity to enclose any side/s for additional privacy.

To hold everything in place and keep it still we use hot dipped galvanised steel brackets, making them stronger than stainless steel and far longer lasting than zinc plated steel. We are so confident of the hot dip process that we confidently guarantee these brackets for 10 years!

Gazebo Dunster House We wouldn’t put anything on the market that we wouldn’t be willing to have in our own gardens. Our Director, Andy Murphy, was so impressed with the canopy Gazebo. Hence he built two in his garden over the Christmas break. He hasn’t looked back since. Not only does it provide shelter from the chill of winter nights but it is open enough to enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine. He can’t wait to get the BBQ out.

March 18, 2015

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