Canopy Gazebo: Don’t just take our word for it!

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

As the UK’s leading Garden Buildings company, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of Garden Buildings.  Not only do we subject our products to testing by an outside company but some of our staff have our products in there home. Our Director, Andy Murphy, is so proud of his latest design – the canopy gazebo- that he has two in his garden.

He decided to put these up over the Christmas break, and it was as simple as the pictures show.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House
Firstly the four posts are secured upright, ensuring that they are spaced equally apart and in the correct position to accept the roof of the Gazebo. Secure the post brackets into your concrete or decking, then attach the posts to them. Ensure that the posts are secured properly. If you purchased curtains, as an optional extra, you will need to add additional posts on the appropriate sides.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

Next up is the roof. The instructions make easy work of this bit but do be sure to secure the parts properly, and with the proper tools, to ensure a secure Gazebo.

Attach the top frame to your posts and secure them with the angled support brackets. Secure the roof onto the frame using purlin breackets. For ease of build, secure the corners fist then add the final two beams.

Canopy Gazebo Dunster House


Attach the Olefin fabric to the the tightening mechanism and carefully adjust this until you have a taught finish. Easy peasy.

Our Director liked it so much, he built 2!
Canopy Gazebo Dunster House Canopy Gazebo Dunster House Canopy Gazebo Dunster House

December 30, 2014

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