Canopy Gazebos

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House

I have recently spent some time, for an ongoing project, in my boss’s garden. He has two canopy gazebos constructed and it is the first time I have seen this product constructed in a garden. As I spend the majority of my time at a desk in Bedford HQ I rarely get to see our products except for the beautiful photographs you send in so I was excited to see how everything looked.

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House

Canopy Gazebo Features

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House The first thing I noticed was the metal footplates. Now, I write about this stuff a lot for the blog, but even I was shocked by just how simple these were. The feet were smaller than I expected and were in a T-shaped joint which the precut timber is then placed on top of this. The idea behind this is simple; by fixing the timber in the middle you create additional strength and stability whilst the water runs off of the timber quickly and doesn’t become trapped. This greatly reduces the chance of the wood becoming soaked which will make it prone to rot and weakness.

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House

All of the metal used on the Canopy Gazebo, metal foot pads included, is made from galvanised metal. By bonding the zinc and steel in a thick layer, you have a metal that is longer lasting then zinc plated and stronger that stainless steel – keeping corrosion at bay for many years – in fact we guarantee them for 10 years.

The timber itself is thick, making it stronger and more durable than many of the alternatives on the market today. As this is pressure treated, it has a rich mahogany colour that stands out for all of the right reasons.  As with the galvanised metal above, we guarantee our timber against rot and insect infestation for 10 years.

Optional Extras on the Canopy Gazebo

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House To finish the Canopy Gazebo, the roof and side curtains are made from 100% Olefin. This canvas is not only resistant to stains and water. It also offers protection from harmful UV rays to the equivalent of factor 80 sun cream. The canvas is made from the same material as bulletproof vests so you can ensure that this dur
able. If, for any reason, the canvas becomes slack you can use the adjustable tensions to tighten, or loosen it. Therefore achieve the optimum tension needed.

Canopy Gazebos Dunster House As we know the British weather can be a little – unpredictable, we give you the option of adding curtains to either side of the Gazebo. This means that if it is breezy, there is a light shower or you simply want privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbours then you can have it! Simply roll the curtains down, fix them to the adjustable tensioners and you are good to go. It took me less than a minute to enclose the Gazebo. When I wanted it open, I simply rolled the curtains up and let the sun stream through.

All the time spent in the garden has made me want a BBQ, cold drink and my friends round for a garden party! Now I just need to buy a BBQ.



April 23, 2015

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