Carport, Garages and Gazebos, oh my!

Garages Carports Dunster House

The festive season is upon us and, if our constant launch of new products is anything to go by, it has got us in a giving mood. At your insistence we have extended not one, but three, of our ranges to help you get your garden in tip top shape: Atlas, Hercules and Olympus.

Garages Carports Dunster House

Atlas Double Shallow Garage W6.0m x D3.2m

Gazebos & Garages

The physical attributes of our extended range are made with the same high quality materials as our existing products. They’re made with slow grown spruce timber for a cleaner structure with less knots in than other woods such as pine. The 145mm x 145mm thick timber uprights to give you a substantial looking garden structure. They are also built with pressure treated timber that’s protected against rot and fungal decay for 10 years without the need to annually apply treatment giving you a structure that’s built to last.

The addition of a Carport or Garage to your property has a number of perks including safety of both you and your vehicle. Add a strong, sturdy garden structure like our Atlas, Hercules and Olympus range to your garden. They’ll allow you to park closer to your home. That way shortening the distance you have to walk from your vehicle to your house. By being able to park next to your house, and not on the street, you also have offer the car protection from elements, stray footballs or stones hitting the windows or a car grazing it as it passes.

Garages Carports Dunster House

Hercules Triple Carport W8.89m x D6.04m

Our Carport and Garages protect your valuable possessions like your car, motorbikes and bicycles. And our Gazebos will quickly become an extension of your home. These stunning Garden Structures will ensure that you utilise your garden all year round. Whether alone or with family and friends, stopping you from falling into the habit of becoming a winter hermit.

Garages Dunster House Atlas Open Gazebo

Atlas Open Gazebo W6.0m x D3.2m

Visit our website,, to find one that suits the needs, a size requirements, for your garden!


December 10, 2015

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