Case Studies: The Ideal Jewellery Making Station

Case Studies Avon Premium Plus Dunster House

Case Studies Avon Premium Plus Dunster House

This case studies entry looks at Aileen Hamilton from Redhill, Surrey. She is a jeweller and in the past, she has taught jewellery making classes in the evenings at SCOLA College in Sutton.

Four years ago, Aileen decided that she wanted to set up her jewellery making classes a little closer to home and so she bought her first Dunster House cabin, the Carsare 250 and installed it – complete with three jewellery making stations inside. This is her story.

Everything you could need in a workshop

As jewellery making is a very precise and detailed-orientated business, Aileen knew exactly what she wanted from her first Dunster House cabin, planning her interior design decisions right down to the finest details.

On the whole though, Aileen required two things from her garden building, “I wanted a workshop that was sturdy and well insulated so that I could work in it all year round,” she said.



Case Studies Avon Premium Plus Dunster HouseUp-sizing the Carsare

Aileen’s first Dunster House cabin became too small for her growing business. She said, “My first Carsare was perfect, but after a while my classes were going so well I was running out of room! I made the decision to try and sell it and buy a new larger log cabin, meaning that I could expand my business and take up to six students as opposed to the three that fitted into the Carsare 250.”

So in February this year, Aileen sold up her old cabin and upgraded to the bigger, PremiumPlus Avon Sunlight W3.0m x D5.0m cabin, also from Dunster House.

After some complications in selling her old cabin and getting the hardstanding level, Aileen said the installation team from Dunster House were wonderful. “One even cut the spare wood for my log cabin,” she commented. “They worked hard all day and hardly stopped for any breaks.”


Case Studies Avon Premium Plus Dunster HouseThe Ideal Crafting Space

When asked for other people’s reaction to her fabulous new jewellery making cabin, Aileen replied, “The look on the faces of my regular students when they saw how much more space we’ve got and the reaction from everyone else. People love my new workshop and I think they are suitably impressed.”

When asked if she is planning any future alterations or upgrades to her garden building Aileen said, “I have run out of space, so no, I’m happy with my lovely new workshop. It doesn’t dominate the garden which is important, and I still have enough space for flower beds and a veggie patch.”

And would she buy from Dunster House again? “Yes,” she said.

November 28, 2014

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