Case Studies: Steve’s Bar – A Lovingly Created Cabin Tribute

Cases Studies Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

This case studies entry centres on James Carroll, a graphic designer from Brentwood, Essex. His cabin, dubbed ‘Steve’s Bar’, was set up as a loving tribute to his late father. This is his story.

Hows Steve’s Bar came about

James’ father, Steve, sadly passed away in 2012 and, with limited space in his home, James craved a place where he could relax, watch a football game and remember his dad. He decided that a cabin from Dunster House, decorated in his honour, would be the perfect space for the whole family to remember Steve by.

Here he explains many of the aspects of the cabin’s design:

“The cabin contains some of my dad’s belongings, like his favourite albums from Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, which are framed on the wall. Many of the things in the cabin are also inspired by my dad’s life. The deep purple winged armchair sits beneath the Deep Purple album. The neon ‘Steve’s Bar’ sign is something I designed from dad’s handwriting, taking letters from cards he wrote to mum over the years” he said.

Cases Studies Log Cabin Interior Dunster House


Choosing a Garden Building from Dunster House

James found the perfect Garden Building from us in September 2013, the Avon 500. With his bar idea already in mind, James was impressed by the Dunster House range:

“I liked the variation of cabin sizes and the prices were more reasonable than other sites” he said.

Once his order was placed, James’ cabin took just one day to assemble. He said that he found the Dunster House team very helpful throughout the process and that they always replied promptly to his email queries.

Cases Studies Log Cabin Interior Dunster House


Beginning work on Steve’s Bar

With a clear design concept in mind, James quickly got to work. He designed the ‘Steve’s Bar’ neon sign first and continued on the theme from there. He commented that painting the cabin inside and out was one of the more challenging aspects of the project. Once that was underway he was pleased with how the bar came together.

James said

“Whilst developing the cabin, it really made a difference when I started to add colour and furniture. Having an accent coloured wall as the backdrop and using various LED lighting (and the sign) made it feel like a real bar.

My mum and wife helped with the staining and the painting, my brother fitted the electrics and my sister helped me get the bar equipment. I even sealed the floor so it’ll be easy to wipe up when someone spills their beer.”

Cases Studies Log Cabin Interior Dunster House


The Grand Opening

The cabin modifications took five to six months to complete before Steve’s Bar was ready for its first lock in. We asked James what his friends and families reactions were when they saw the finished product

” The feedback from everyone was that it really felt like a venue, like a good place for a drink rather than just a shed. Mainly people were shocked at how good it looked inside and the use of space. At night time with all the lighting turned on, I usually get a “wow” which is followed by a “your dad would have loved it here. People then raise a toast to my dad”.

Cases Studies Log Cabin Interior Dunster House

And a look to the future

Looking forward, we asked James if he planned to make any further modifications to Steve’s Bar. He told us he was planning on adding a log burner to the scheme. In addition to installing a swinging ‘Steve’s Bar’ sign on the outside.

Overall, James said that he was very happy with Dunster House‘s service and he would definitely buy from us again. In fact, James added that he is currently looking at our outdoor Hot Tubs range!

December 23, 2014

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