Case Studies:The bright side of working from home

Case Studies Dunster House

The idea of working in a log cabin doesn’t appeal to everyone. Many of our customers have been known to use their cabins as personal retreats or extra entertaining areas. Those that do purchase a Log Cabin to work in find an improvement in their work life and work/home balance.

In this case studies entry we’re looking at Rossi, owner of the photography company iSnap. He has sent us the story of how he fell for his log cabin!

An Immediate Life Improvement

For Rossi the purchase of a Log Cabin has increased productivity.  Also, on a whole, it’s been an improvement on his life as he explains:

“As a photographer I spend much of my time squeezing around people’s living rooms. Also wasting time and money on fuel travelling to various locations. Now with my own studio (cabin) in my own garden, my work flow can increase saving fuel, setup times, and allow more bookings for future clients. Another major advantage is that I can often play with various light setups without losing travel time… This certainly increases my productivity as I can leave all my equipment pre-configured with lighting setups. I can also take on more work as no job is too small now.”

“It’s a lovely feeling knowing you are only 5 seconds walk from your office/studio, knowing that all your work is done on site allowing a fantastic work life balance especially having a young family.”

We wouldn’t like to speculate but the change in working conditions could have brought Rossi some of his new work. “The cabin has already secured a Men’s Health magazine job using a male model.”

Case Studies Dunster House

Choosing a Dunster House product

After hearing about Dunster House through a friend who had recently purchased, Rossi explains to us what his next steps were:

“I decided to do my research online and quickly discovered the high quality and professional finish Dunster House was offering, and was something not to be missed. I quickly jumped in the car and arrived at the Faversham branch. With a hands on feel I knew where my money was going. The high quality professional finish including the double glazing, heavy duty roof shingles and quality 45mm thick timber was something that was designed to last…”

Having previously looked at a competitor’s range of Log Cabins, Rossi decided that our Severn 400 Log Cabin was to be his new studio. Measuring 5m wide x 4m deep, the cabin has plenty of space and with two windows either side of the double opening doors there’s plenty of natural light to brighten up the cabin. The Severn range has secure locking doors and toughened glass. Therefore Rossi can rest safely knowing that his equipment is well protected within the cabin.


Case Studies Dunster House

Clients just love it!

Word of mouth has spread from Rossi’s friend, who introduced him to Dunster House, as he explains how clients love his new studio:

“They like it, the feel and character too. They often ask where I purchased it from and comment on the warm feel and fresh calming wood smell”

The glowing recommendation from Rossi ends with,

“I’m very pleased and would recommend this cabin to anyone thinking of purchasing with a similar business venture in mind.”

June 2, 2015

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