Case Studies: Working from Home

PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight garden office

In this case studies entry we will look at how Andrew Gooch transformed our PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight into an amazing and practical Home Office.

Here is his story.

Problem solved!

As a Financial Adviser who has opted to work from home, Andrew was struggling to keep the home and work environments separate. He definitely needed a space away from the house where he could entirely concentrate on his work and not have the normal distractions.

The problem was solved when he decided to buy our PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight¬†and created his own working space. “Provides me with space to work, and be away from the home environment.”

In Andrew’s perspective the main benefit of this project is the freedom that it provides him: “A room I can go and work in as and when required, and I can just lock the door and leave whatever I am doing, and it gets in no one else’s way.”

Case Studies PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight Dunster House

Choosing a Dunster House product

Choosing the most adequate garden building wasn’t that easy at first with so many products available from different companies, but Andrew had a little help.

“Looked at many companies and products, but my neighbour had a dunster cabin about 4 years ago so had 1st hand experience of the product.”

Andrew was also very happy with the service provided by Dunster House, especially from our Customer Service team. “Excellent service, from delivery to a small issue with an item that was replaced within 2 days.”

The building process

The building process was super quick and really easy. “The build was excellent, and the product was assembled and finished in 2 days.” said Andrew.

Andrew didn’t really have a design in mind for the space before the project begun but he asked for a friend’s help: “I had a friend/client design and landscape the garden for me.” And we must say that it turned out quite lovely!

Case Studies PremiumPlus Beegorra Sunlight Dunster House

The perfect workspace

The Home Office has been a tremendous success and has triggered all kinds of reactions “People who have seen it are very impressed,” said Andrew on people’s comments regarding his home office.

At the moment Andrew doesn’t have any future plans for improvements. He is quite happy with the space as it is and with the freedom to work from home (but away from the house) that it provides him.

When asked if he would buy from Dunster House again and would recommend the company, Andrew replied: “Yes I would purchase again and recommend to family and friends.”

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